Everything About The Famous Abraham Adesanya Estate Ajah


Living on the island in Lagos comes with its perks, and one is the association with high society and wealth. 

Another is easy access to amenities and infrastructure. As wishful as this is for many, living in such areas comes with a high price tag that many cannot afford and seek alternate means. 

The Abraham Adesanya axis in Lekki provides a bit of both. Its proximity to the action areas of Lekki and its sizable distance makes it the perfect choice for all who seek affordable luxury. 

One of these affordable Lekki housing projects is the Abraham Adesanya Estate in Ajah, Lekki. In this article, we’ll provide an extensive review of Abraham Adesanya Estate in Lekki, Ajah.

As a real estate investor or a potential one, highly profitable investment areas should be on your watchlist. 

You may have heard that the Abraham  Adesanya Axis in Lekki has the most affordable Lekki houses. That is quite true, but have you ever wondered why?

History of Abraham Adesanya Estate


The Abraham Adesanya Estate was named after Chief Aderibigbe Abraham Adesanya, a prominent senator, lawyer, activist, and liberal progressive. 

Abraham Adesanya Estate is located in Ajah Lekki, Eti-Osa Local Government Grea, Lagos. 

Ajah is a neighborhood in Lekki that spans from VGC down to the Abraham-Adesanya roundabout on the Lekki-Epe Express and extends to places like Badore, Addo, Sangotedo, Ogombo, and Langbasa in its Interior. 

It is a constantly developing area in the Lekki area. Ajah gives you the luxury of living on the island at an affordable rate.

Ajah is an ancient town where the indigenes engaged in fishing and hunting. It dates back centuries to the arrival of the Portuguese in 1704. 

Lagos, the commercial center of Nigeria, has developed into a thriving city.  

The Ajah area of Lekki once lay undeveloped. However, the thriving population of Lagos pressed housing demands on areas once left undeveloped. This opened the place up for development. 

Abraham Adesanya Estate in Ajah is a 1-hour drive from Victoria Island, the commercial center of Lagos State. It is also a 30-minute drive to Lekki Phase One, another highly desirable area in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Making it a cheaper option for people who cannot afford the high prices of V.I., Ikoyi, and Lekki Phase One.

To further increase this, recent government attention on the Ibeju-Lekki axis has influenced fast development in surrounding areas. This includes. Ajah, Ogombo, and Sangotedo are fast developing. 

Overview of Abraham Adesanya Estate


The Abraham Adesanya axis comprises several housing estates and is a teeming population hub in the Lekki axis. 

The Abraham Adesanya Estate is the most popular estate on that axis and also serves as a landmark. 

The estate started as a government intervention scheme for low-cost housing. Built in the early 2000s by the Lagos State government for middle-income earners. 

This was done to ease the burden of house ownership on middle-income earners, as houses first sold for N1 Million to N1.5 Million. 

The Abraham Adesanya Estate is in the Lekki axis, located after the Ajah roundabout. The estate is off the 10th roundabout of the Lekki-Epe expressway. 

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Driving down from the Jubilee Bridge, Ajah on the Lekki-Epe expressway. An estimated 40 mins drive to V.I. during non-peak hours. 

Features of Abraham Adesanya Estate


The features within the Abraham Adesanya Estate include amenities enjoyed by residents within the estate.

1. Electricity 

The estate solely depends on PHCN for its electricity distribution. The electricity supply is not always constant. 

However, residents have their own private generators and solar panels,, which they use during power outages.

For renters in the Abraham Adesanya Estate, some landlords provide serviced housing with a constant electricity supply. 

But the renters have to pay a high service charge for this service.

2. Water

Common in Lekki areas is the brownish color of the tap water due to the swampy terrain. In Abraham Adesanya Estate, the water is treated, and boreholes are available for each house in the estate. 

Although the central water system has stopped functioning.

3. Road network 

The road network in this area has greatly improved from what it was 5-10 years ago. The access roads to the Abraham Adesanya Estate are well-tarred, and the road network within the Abraham Adesanya Estate is motorable. 

The area boasts a wide road network, and the traffic situation has greatly improved. This was after the roundabout was recently removed to help curtail traffic on that axis. 

However, the area has a high traffic volume during peak hours.

There is also a possible road expansion by the government in the area to make it more accessible.

This is seen in how estates within the Abraham Adesanya axis are built with huge setbacks from the roads. This is to allow for this road expansion with ease.

4. Drainage

The estate area is a major flood zone on the Island and is constantly flooded. Many attribute this to the rapid development of real estate in the area, mostly on reclaimed land, without the provision of adequate drainage channels. 

Especially since the entire Lekki corridor has swampy terrain. But in recent times there have been fewer cases of flooding as the water has been properly channeled. 

Overall, the Abraham Adesanya Estate still experiences cases of flooding during continuous heavy downpours.

5. Estate Security

The estate has two entry gates with security posts on both sides. Access to the estate is unrestricted. This is common with government-developed estates. 

So far, there have been no known cases of violent crimes or robberies in the Abraham Adesanya Estate.

6. Maintenance

There is a central estate management office, headed by a facility manager appointed by the government, that oversees affairs within the estate. 

The government also takes care of security and waste management within the Abraham Adesanya Estate. Residents pay a yearly service charge. i.e., a maintenance fee to facilitate this.

Generally, the Abraham Adesanya Estate has a good layout, but most of its infrastructure is dilapidated due to poor maintenance.

Neighbourhood Overview 


Abraham Adesanya Estate is surrounded by a bustling community. Located in the heart of Ajah, Lekki, Lagos 

Various institutions, housing estates, and businesses surround this estate, making it an ideal location. 

Some of the notable landmarks are listed below. 

Schools in the area 

Prominent Schools around Abraham Adesanya Estate include: 

  • Lagos Business School
  • Greater Scholars International School 
  • Caleb British International School 
  • Cotville Preparatory School 
  • Neander International School 
  • Annunciation Catholic Nursery and Primary School 
  • Pan Atlantic University 
  • MX Film and Multimedia Academy 
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Some hospitals around the Abraham Adesanya Estate include

  • Mother and Child Maternal Hospital
  • Pet Haven Veterinary Hospital 
  • Recon hospital

Beaches In Abraham Adesanya

Abraham Adesanya Estate is in the neighborhood of several beaches and resorts. You would want to visit one of the several beaches in this location. 

These beaches also contribute to the cool and breezy atmosphere of the area. Some of them include;

1. Santa Cruz Beach 

A private beach around the Abraham Adesanya Estate axis with a stunning view of the ocean. Perfect for beach parties, horseback riding, picnics, and general relaxation. 

2. Atican Beach 

Atican Beach is right beside the Barracuda Beach Resort in Ogombo, off Abraham Adesanya, Ajah Lagos. 

Entry into the beach is N1000, and you have to pay for corkage. i.e., paying for drinks you bought elsewhere.

3. Barracuda Beach Resort 

This beautiful white sand beach is located in Ogombo, Abraham Adesanya Ajah, Lekki, Lagos. A few minutes drive from the roundabout. 

Barracuda Beach is a public beach perfect for horseback riding, picnics, and shell picking. Entry to the beach costs N1,000 per person. 

4. Redline Leisure Beach 

A privately owned beach resort in Okun Ajah, Ogombo, off the Abraham Adesanya Estate Axis. The beach is cozy, serene, and well-maintained. 

It offers private pools for adults and children.

5. Fofina Bamboo Beach Resort 

A private beach located in Okun Mopo Village, off Abraham Adesanya, Lekki, Lagos. It offers fun activities for adults and children. 

Gaming activities like badminton, volleyball, and swimming are common sights at this beach. 

6. Whitedeck Resort 

A private beach and resort located in Okun Ajah at Abraham Adesanya, Lekki, Lagos. It has its own private poolside and a resort for lodging. 

The beach boasts beautiful palm trees, cabanas, a penthouse, and a view of the Atlantic Ocean. A perfect location for birthday parties, get-togethers, and reunions.

7. Avista Beach Resort 

Located in Ogombo, Ajah, Lekki, Lagos. Considered one of the safest beaches in the Abraham Adesanya Estate Axis.

It has strict opening and closing hours from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. 

8. Laguna Beach Club

Scattered across this beach are palm trees, adding to the general ambiance of the beach. The beach offers cabanas, relaxation beds, an in-house restaurant, lounges, and a swimming pool.

9. Coney Island Beach

A private beach located in Ajah. The entrance fee is N5,000 and covers a free cocktail and a shared seat on the beach. 

The beach offers cabanas for groups at an added fee. Perfect for get-togethers and peaceful walks along the Atlantic Ocean. This beach is a two-minute walk from Atican Beach.

10. Iceland Beach Resort 

A well-maintained beach resort located in Okun Ajah, off Abraham Adesanya Road, Lekki, Lagos. 

This private beach has a nice array of exotic huts, whispering palm trees, and a clear view of the Atlantic Ocean. 

The resort is a perfect vacation spot for anyone looking to unwind. The lodging facility offers a clear swimming pool, a restaurant, and entertainment.

Banks and Businesses 

Every major commercial bank in Nigeria has a branch around the Abraham Adesanya Estate. Examples are Access Bank, GTBank, Zenith Bank, and First Bank.

Other businesses around the Abraham Adesanya Estate include shops outside the estate selling food and household essentials. 

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Some shopping malls, fuel stations, saloons, artisan shops, transport companies, and other small businesses are in the area.

Notable Estates Around Abraham Adesanya Estate

Prominent estates built by well-known developers are common in this area, with several more projects in progress.

Abraham Adesanya Estate is a neighborhood of several other housing estates, most of which are real estate investment hotspots.

Some of these estates include:

  • Nedcomoak’s Citadel views 2.0 estate 
  • Landwey’s urban prime estates 
  • Thomas Estate
  • Graceland Estate 
  • Royal Garden Estate 
  • Brooke Habitat 
  • Paradise Estate 
  • Hi-Life Estate 
  • Lekki Peninsula Scheme 2
  • Lekki Gardens Estate, Phase 4
  • Inoyo Havens



The lifestyle of the residents of Abraham Adesanya Estate is generally quiet. Generally serene, with a peaceful ambiance. 

Residents are seen taking strolls or riding their bikes in the evening. Also, one can visit several beaches or resorts to relax from the bustle of Lagos.

Outside the Abraham Adesanya Estate are entertaining activities. Eateries like Domino’s Pizza and Cold Stone. 

Hotels, Cinemas, shopping malls like Novare Mall-Shoprite, Event centers, and beaches.

There are also parks like the Lufasi Nature Park or Fara Park for fun activities. 

The Real Estate Market in Abraham Adesanya Estate

Le’s talk about the state of the real estate market in Abraham Adesanya Estate Ajah


House conditions 

Most of the houses in Abraham Adesanya Estate are old, although they are usually renovated by their owners.

The Houses in the estate are mostly bungalows, either stand-alone or semi-detached bungalows. A few apartments and duplexes are on the estate.

Prices of Houses

House prices range between N30 Million for a 3-bedroom stand-alone bungalow for sale and N50 million for a 4-bedroom duplex for sale in Abraham Adesanya Estate.

Rents range from N800,000 and above, depending on the type of house you’re renting, excluding the service charge.

Property Appreciation 

The property appreciation of Abraham Adesanya Estate is quite low. Although situated on the constantly developing Ajah axis. 

The price of Houses within the last five years has seen a steady but slow increase. The estate is considered a safe investment for investors looking for long-term profits from compounding interest. 

However, when compared to areas like Lekki Phase One and Ikate, which are only 30 minutes away, the profit ratio is really low.

Who Should Live Here? 

The estate houses a high number of high to low-middle-income earners. Usually, families seek a tranquil environment. 

Since the area is relatively safe with good functioning amenities, it’s an ideal place to raise children.

Another advantage of the location is the easy commute to work areas within the Island. This makes Abraham Adesanya Estate popular among young working-class individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Abraham Adesanya Estate Postal Code?

The zip code for Abraham Adesanya Estate is 101245. This is the same for other areas within Ajah, Lekki, and Lagos.

How many Beaches Are There In Abraham Adesanya Estate?

There are a total of 10 beaches in Abraham Adesanya Estate, although new ones are in the works, and might be completed before 2025.


What makes Abraham Adesanya Estate interesting is its relatively affordable price. While the estate is cheap, it still offers value for your money. 

Doing your due diligence by gathering every piece of information about the estate helps you decide if it’s a good fit for you.