20 Reasons Why You Should Build a Home in Washington


Are you looking to reside permanently in the United States? Do you want to build a home in the United States?

Are you newlyweds or are you already married and looking to relocate to the western part of the United States?

Do you want to reside in the United States, but you do not know which state you would like to relocate to?

This piece is for you. This article provides 20 reasons among the numerous reasons why you should relocate or build a home in Washington.

Below are the top 20 reasons why you should build a home in Washington.

Top 20 Reasons Why You Build a Home in Washington


Those looking to build a home frequently choose Washington State, which is in the Pacific Northwest of the country. Washington has had one of the nation’s fastest rates of population growth over the decade of 2010. 

More than 890,000 people migrated here, resulting in a 13% population growth. It’s not surprising that you would want to build a house in Washington, a lovely state, given its diverse terrain, which runs from rocky coastlines to gorgeous mountains. 

Below are other reasons why other people choose to build their homes in Washington.

1. Scenic Beauty

Washington State is well known for its variety of natural landscapes, from lakes and waterways to craggy mountain ranges and large woods. Washington’s natural beauty is simply breathtaking. 

Mount Rainier, a large stratovolcano found in Mount Rainier National Park, is one of Washington’s most recognizable features. 

One site you will enjoy if you build a house in Washington is the Olympic Peninsula, which is situated on the state’s western border. 

Olympic National Park is home to snow-capped peaks, a rocky coastline, and enormous antique woods. If you like nature, then you should consider building a home in Washington.

2. Mild Climate

One of Washington State’s most alluring characteristics that you will enjoy if you build a home in Washington is its mild climate. 

Due to its diversified topography and position in the Pacific Northwest, the state experiences a wide variety of climates. Generally, Washington experiences moderate temperatures, light to moderate rainfall, and lots of sunshine.

Washington’s generally pleasant temperature is a big draw for both residents and tourists. 

This stunning region of the Pacific Northwest offers something for everyone, whether you favor the chilly, damp temperature of the west or the dry, sunny environment of the east.

3. Thriving Economy

The economy of Washington State is booming, supported by a wide range of sectors and a workforce with a high level of education. Washington is home to some of the most innovative businesses in the world, like Starbucks, Microsoft, Boeing, and Amazon.

The highly skilled workforce of Washington is one of the main economic drivers. with prestigious universities like the University of Washington, Washington State University, and Seattle University. 

As a result, there is now a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship, with many graduates starting their own businesses. 

The aerospace, agricultural, and tourist sectors are some of Washington’s other major industries.

4. Quality Education

Washington State is well known for its excellent educational system, and the area is home to many prestigious institutions, colleges, and schools. 

The state has a long history of supporting education, with a focus on giving students the abilities and information necessary to thrive in the modern economy, which is a plus if you build a home in Washington.

Washington has a strong community college system that offers accessible and inexpensive education to students across the state in addition to its institutions. 

5. Cultural Diversity

With a multicultural population that is made up of people from all over the world, Washington State has diverse cultural traditions. 

One of the state’s greatest assets is its wide cultural diversity, which enriches its communities and fosters an environment that is welcoming to all, including you when you build a home in Washington.

The largest city in the state, Seattle, is renowned for its vibrant arts and music scene, which embraces variety and fosters innovation. 

The city is also home to several cultural institutions, such as the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, the Museum of Pop Culture, and the Seattle Art Museum.

6. Access to Healthcare

The state of Washington is devoted to ensuring that all who build a home in Washington have access to high-quality healthcare. 

No matter their origin or income, everyone now has access to affordable healthcare thanks to some programs and initiatives that the state has put in place. 

The Apple Health program, which offers low-income individuals and families free or inexpensive healthcare coverage, is one of the major programs in Washington. 

All state residents are eligible for this program, which offers coverage for medical, dental, and eye care. Building your home in Washington provides you the leverage to enjoy these programs

7. High Quality of Life

A diverse variety of amenities are provided to you if you build a home in Washington, which contributes to the state’s excellent quality of life. 

Some of the nation’s most breathtaking natural settings can be found in this state, including Mount Rainier, Olympic National Park, and Puget Sound. 

With numerous museums, galleries, and theaters spread out over the state, Washington also boasts a thriving arts and cultural scene. 

Particularly Seattle is renowned for its thriving music and arts scenes, with a wide variety of concerts and exhibitions offered all year long.

8. Transportation

If you build a home in Washington, there is a wide range of transportation choices available to make it simple and effective for you to move about. The state has excellent access points, including highways, airports, and public transit.

Public transit, which includes buses, light rail, and commuter trains, is one of the most widely used modes of transportation in Washington. 

Seattle, the biggest city in the state, has a significant public transportation network that transports millions of people annually.

9. Sustainability

Washington State is a pioneer in environmental stewardship and sustainability, dedicated to protecting its natural resources and advancing sustainable lifestyles in all spheres of life.

The promotion of renewable energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are two of Washington’s main priorities. 

The state has created several initiatives and incentives to encourage the use of renewable energy sources like wind and solar power and has set high goals for lowering emissions.

10. Music Scene and Outdoor Music Venues: 

Washington State is renowned for having a thriving music industry, with a wide variety of genres and musicians present all around the state. 

If you build a house in Washington, the music culture has something for you, from hip-hop to country to indie rock.

Washington is home to many clubs, restaurants, and concert halls that often feature live music performances in addition to its outdoor music locations. 

Particularly in Seattle, there is a strong music scene with a long history of grunge and alternative rock, as well as a wide variety of emerging musicians.


11. Progressive Politics

Washington State is renowned for its progressive policies, which have a history of promoting equality for all people, social justice, and environmental protection. 

Political action has a long history in the state, and community organizing and grassroots movements have been crucial in influencing public policy.

Washington is home to a wide range of advocacy organizations and community groups seeking to promote social justice and equality.

12. International Community

Washington State is a friendly and multicultural state with a thriving international community that represents cultures and nations from all over the world. 

Immigrants, refugees, international students, and people who have moved to Washington for employment or other reasons make up the state’s international community.

If you build a house in Washington, there are several opportunities to explore while you enjoy the rich cultural traditions of Washington’s foreign community.

13. Outdoor Markets

Washington State is home to different vibrant outdoor markets, where you can find artisanal goods, fresh produce, and unique crafts if you build a home in Washington. 

These markets provide wonderful chances to engage with the community, buy local goods, and support farmers and small businesses.

The Pike Place Market in Seattle, which has been around since 1907, is one of the most well-known outdoor markets in Washington. 

In addition to a vast selection of crafts and artisanal goods, the market provides a wide range of fresh seafood, fruit, and specialty goods.

14. Urban Living

There are a variety of urban living opportunities for you if you build a home in Washington State, including cities and towns of varying sizes and architectural styles. 

There is something for everyone in Washington’s thriving urban towns, from the busy streets of Seattle to the small-town charm of Port Townsend.

Tacoma, Spokane, and Bellevue are a few other major cities in the state; each has its own distinct personality and amenities. 

15. Rural Living

There are many different types of rural communities in Washington State, which provide a calmer and more relaxed lifestyle than the state’s busy urban hubs.

If you are considering building a home in Washington’s rural area, there are many lovely and inviting rural places to choose from, from small towns tucked away in the mountains to farming settlements in the gently sloping hills of eastern Washington.

Rest assured that there is no shortage of inventive and creative businesses if you build a home in Washington’s rural areas, from artisanal cheese manufacturing to organic farming to craft brewing.

16. Delicious Cuisine

Due to the state’s distinctive terrain and rich cultural legacy, Washington State is known for its wonderful and varied cuisine. 

If you build a home in Washington, be assured that there won’t be a shortage of culinary delights, including farm-to-table cuisine, ethnic delicacies, and fresh seafood.

Fresh fish products from the state, including salmon, oysters, and Dungeness crab, are among its most well-known culinary exports. 

Washington is the source of some of the nation’s freshest and most sustainably produced seafood due to its extensive coastline and number of waterways.

17. Craft Beer

With a robust community of brewers and beer lovers, Washington State is home to one of the nation’s most dynamic and inventive craft beer scenes. If you are a beer lover, be sure to make friends if you build a home in Washington. 

There are plenty of options for beer fans in Washington, from large-scale establishments to small-town breweries.

The love for locally produced, high-quality ingredients, as well as a dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility, are what drive the state’s craft beer industry. 

Several breweries in Washington buy their hops and grains from regional farmers and emphasize streamlining their manufacturing procedures to utilize less energy and waste.

18. Wine Country

The wine industry in Washington State is growing rapidly, with more than 1,000 wineries and more than 70,000 acres of vineyards. 

An extensive variety of wine varieties can be produced in the state due to its distinctive terrain, which includes a wide range of microclimates and soil types.

Several wineries in Washington provide tours and tastings, giving visitors the chance to sample the wines produced in the state and learn about the winemaking process. 

Wineries with restaurants, art galleries, and other attractions make for an enjoyable and all-encompassing trip to the wine region.

19. Sports Teams

In Washington State, there are a lot of college and professional sports teams, making for a thriving sports scene. Football, baseball, basketball, and soccer are the state’s four most popular sports.

The three main professional sports franchises in the region are the Seattle Sounders FC, the Seattle Mariners, and the Seattle Seahawks.

20. Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a problem in Washington State for many individuals, just like it is in many other parts of the country. To address this problem and increase residents’ access to affordable housing, the state has made efforts.

The Washington State Housing Finance Commission is one such program that offers funding and assistance for affordable housing projects all around the state. 

The Commission also provides resources for people who are experiencing homelessness or housing instability, as well as support for first-time homebuyers.

FAQs on Why You Should Build a Home in Washington


Is Washington the prettiest state?

Washington State is the most naturally beautiful state, according to APR Travel. APR developed a mechanism to determine the “beauty score” for each state. These scores were determined by taking into account the number of designated mountains, national parks, waterfalls, large natural lakes, and beaches 

Is it cheaper to build a house in Washington?

According to UpNest, the average cost of buying a house in the United States is $414,200, while the average cost of building one is $449,000. You can expect to pay about $35,000 more for a custom-built house instead of buying an existing home. 

Is Washington a good state for real estate?

One of the finest places to invest in real estate is Washington, with its abundance of outdoor activities, no state income tax, low cost of living, and many job prospects.

According to Apartment List, major cities in Washington experienced average rent hikes of at least 15% in 2021.


If you build a home in Washington State, there are numerous opportunities and amenities available to you. 

With its scenic beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, thriving economy, and quality of life, it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to this beautiful state. 

Building a home in Washington State offers many advantages, from its stunning natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities to its thriving economy and robust education system. 

With a commitment to sustainability and a focus on quality of life, Washington is a great place to call home.

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