Top 20 Most Expensive Estates In Nigeria


For a lot of people, living in an estate is more convenient than single houses, apartment buildings, condos, and others. There are several benefits to living in an estate. For one, it is a controlled environment. 

Everything is regulated and maintained by the estate so homeowners don’t need to worry about maintenance. 

But the comfort of living in an estate usually comes at a cost, which is quite expensive compared to getting a regular house. How much more expensive, you ask? We are about to find out. In this article, we will be looking at the most expensive estates in Nigeria. 

1. Shoreline Estate

Shoreline Estate is a high-end residential development located on Banana Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. 

The location already gives it away as one of the most expensive estates in Nigeria. It is a collection of luxury apartments, penthouses, and duplexes that offer spectacular views of the Lagos Lagoon. 

The estate is known for its high-quality construction, beautiful landscaping, and wide range of amenities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, and a gym. 

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It is considered one of the most exclusive and sought-after residential addresses in Lagos and is a popular choice among wealthy Nigerians and expatriates.

The price of real estate in Shoreline Estate can vary depending on the type of property, its size, and its location within the development. 

It is considered one of the most expensive residential areas in Nigeria, with prices for apartments and duplexes ranging from several hundred million Nigerian Naira to several billion Nigerian Naira. Prices for penthouses and villas can be even higher.

2. Sunrise Hill Estate 

Sunrise Hills estate is located in the Asokoro district in Abuja. It is one of the most expensive estates in Nigeria sitting on 5.78 million square meters of land.  The project sets a new standard for the state’s civic, economic, and residential planning. 

The estate is built to suit its residents’ comfortable and luxurious lifestyles. The estate is not purely residential, and as such, there are several businesses and companies like hotels, a shopping center, religious buildings, and schools.

The Sunrise Hills estate offers a secure, environmentally friendly, and democratic setting. Residents enjoy a high quality of life thanks to certain features offered by the estate, like security and 24-hour power supply, good roads, access to constant water, and much more. You can get a house with 5 to 7 bedrooms for 550 million to 1 billion Naira. 

3. Lakowe Golf Estate 

Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Estate is a stunning, luxurious upscale community located around 35 kilometers from the busy city of Lagos. 

Lakowe golf estate which was established in 2012, is conveniently located in the Lekki and is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the south. 

It is home to one of the most exquisite 18-hole golf courses in West Africa. The manicured green grass, large golf course, luxury spa, tropical palm groves, and sparkling lakes are all part of what makes Lakowe golf estate one of the most expensive estates in Nigeria.

4. Godab Estate 

Godab estate was built for high-earners such as government officials, celebrities, expatriates, and corporate executives. It is a lovely estate. The Godab estate is situated in the Kafe neighborhood in Abuja, Nigeria. 

It has outstanding amenities appropriate for the kind of residents it is intended for. The least expensive apartment costs around 75 million Naira, while the most expensive one costs around 200 million Naira.

5. Pinnock Beach Estate

Pinnock Beach Estate is located off Femi Okunnu road, close to the 4th Roundabout on the Lekki-Epe Expressway. 

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It is a gated and serviced residential development with excellent infrastructure, including well-paved roads, effective drainage systems, street lighting, a well-landscaped setting with designated green spaces in front of every home, and recreation facilities.

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Residents are required to pay a  yearly service fee of around 450,000 naira that covers security, waste disposal, power supply, and water.

The estate is well protected, and guests are only allowed access after clarification from their hosts. Additionally, security personnel is stationed in key areas of the estate.

There are a variety of homes on the estate, including modern and elegant structures. The estate also has land plots that are available for purchase. 

6. Amen Estate 

Amen Estate is a beautiful and luxurious estate in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. The estate provides a safe and private lifestyle in a well-planned and organized setting. It is a quiet, exclusive, and absolutely lovely environment surrounded by nature and the renowned Eleko Private Beach.

Amen Estate is a residential community with a recreational area with a tennis court, football field, swimming pool, fitness facility, and public parks and gardens.

All the housing units in Amen Estate Phase 1 sold out rapidly and the development of phase 2 began directly across from Amen Estate Phase 1.

7. Bellavue Estate

The Bellavue Residences is next on our list of the most expensive estates in Nigeria. It is located in Abuja and was created to be the perfect environment for a luxurious lifestyle. 

The peaceful environment, beautiful landscapes, and the exquisitely maintained garden that provides a breathtaking view of Jabi Lake all contribute to the feeling of exclusivity.

The Bellavue Residences have striking architecture that embodies uniformity and luxury.

8. Pearl Garden Estate

Pearl Garden Estate is located in Sangotedo, Lekki.  The estate, which consists of 365 plots and is situated on 28 hectares of land, was created by CMB Building Maintenance & Investment Company Limited. 

It has a pleasant atmosphere, lovely scenery, good interlocking roads, standard drainage systems, and an efficient central management body. 

Only residents of the estate are given free access and visitors must make a call to their hosts to enter.

The estate charges a service fee of 180,000 each year for security, landscaping, waste disposal, and general estate upkeep.

9. Palm Spring Estate 

Palm Spring Estate is one of the best and most expensive estates in Nigeria. It is located in Abuja. It is an estate that exudes wealth and luxury, it is thoroughly planned with beautiful, well-structured buildings. 

It is a serene environment with good roads and trees lining the driveways to add to its ambiance. 

Residents enjoy access to several features, like a private pool in each house, good water and drainage system, an effective waste disposal system, an uninterrupted power supply, and much more. 

10. Northern Foreshore Estate

Northern Foreshore estate is an upscale estate located in Chevron, Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria. It is a gated maintained community developed by Aircom Nigeria Limited. 

The estate has several features to offer as well as an excellent infrastructure. Some of these features include well-paved, interlocking roads, excellent water, and drainage systems, street lights, and recreational areas. 

The estate has an uninterrupted power supply so residents are guaranteed 24 hour supply of power and water, which are billed based on usage. 

The estate’s general upkeep, security, and garbage disposal are all covered by a monthly service fee of 16,500 Naira. 

Visitors are not allowed into the estate without an invitation from a resident of the estate which emphasizes how secure the estate is. 

The estate’s homes range from duplexes to bungalows. Many of the homes look the same, they are built in the same structure and share the same color scheme.

The prices of houses in the Northern Foreshore Estate vary depending on size. You can rent a serviced 2- to 4-bedroom house for an average of 6,500,000 Naira per year. 

While some larger houses can cost up to ten million Naira per year. The prices of houses for sale fall between 75,000,000 Naira and 1 billion. The land available ranges from 150,000,000 Naira to a billion Naira. 

11. Carlton Gate Estate

Carlton Estate is located on Chevron Drive in Lekki, one of the more affluent areas of Lagos State. It is roughly 40 hectares in size and has 231 serviced plots. 

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The estate is a partnership between Megamound Limited and the Ojumu Chieftaincy family.

The estate features a well-designed road and drainage system. The estate’s water supply is metered, and a monthly minimum cost of 3,000 is required. It is surrounded by trees, flowers, and greenery. 

Additionally, the estate has a central management body that oversees compliance with estate rules. 

The estate charges a service charge of around 200,000 naira per year, which goes toward maintaining the grounds, park, and common areas. It is one of the most expensive estates in Nigeria, with a single house being sold for up to 500,000,000 Naira. 

12. Aso Grove Estate

Aso Grove is a residential neighborhood in Maitama, Abuja. It is one of the most luxurious and expensive estates in Nigeria. It is built on 750-meter squares of land with 60 units of 5-bedroom homes. 

It has excellent amenities that suit the lifestyle of its high-class residents. A detached apartment with four bedrooms costs about 220 million Naira, while an apartment with five bedrooms costs about 250 million Naira.

13. Goshen Villa Estate

Goshen Villa Estate is one of the most expensive estates in Nigeria located in Abuja. The estate has a central water treatment and supply system to provide a steady supply of water. 

It also has a good road system, beautifully groomed lawns, and a driveway where you can park a car and still have full access to the entrance of the house.

The price range for 2- to 4-bedroom houses in Goshen Villa falls between 20,000,000 and 80,000,000 Naira.

14. Nicon Town Estate

Nicon Town estate is one of the most expensive estates in Nigeria. It is strictly a residential area, it is situated off the Lekki-Epe expressway at Ikate, Salem bus stop. 

The development of this estate was facilitated by the  Chevron Employees Multipurpose Cooperative Society (CEMCS). 

Nicon Town is renowned for luxury and elegance, several high-profile people live in this estate, and for a good reason. It is a well-organized estate with outstanding infrastructure and features.

The estate is serene with high-tech security it offers a lot of top-notch services. Some of these services include good roads, excellent drainage, and garbage management systems, and it is very clean. 

It also has a nice design and setting. Each home has a front yard with enough room to put flowers, and a garage with enough parking space so there are no vehicles parked on the roads. 

The residents and plot owners are required to pay an annual fee for the estate’s maintenance to the Nicon Town Residents and Plots Owners’ Association or the Nicon Town Management Company (NTMC) office. 

The fees are not definite as they depend on the annual budget determined by the NTMC.

The average price for a 5- to 7-bedroom house is between 600,000,000 to 1 billion Naira. While a plot of land sells for an average of 450,000,000 Naira. 

15. Mayfair Gardens Estate

Mayfair Gardens estate is located in Awoyaya, Ibeju-Lekki. It is situated along the Lekki-Epe expressway and has a distinctive entrance. It is a gated estate, and access is restricted.

The estate was built by HFP Engineering, who also built the well-known Victoria Garden City (VGC), and it has a similar infrastructure to that of VGC, including good roads, high security, a constant supply of power and water, public parks, relaxation, and recreational areas, a clubhouse, etc.

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The estate’s houses are not identical as is the case with most estates. This is because people purchase lots and construct their own homes. 

Most of the houses are 4 or 5-bedroom duplexes except for some bungalows which were built when the estate was first established.

There are still available plots for sale within the estate, though they do not come cheap as is to be expected in one of the most expensive estates in Nigeria.

16. Crown Court Estate

Crown court estate is a luxury in Mabushi, Abuja, Nigeria. It is located in the country’s capital and has high-class features, it’s no wonder it is one of the most expensive estates in Nigeria.

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17. Ocean Bay Estate

Ocean Bay estate is located in Lekki, along Orchid hotel road, after the second toll gate. It is a fully serviced private estate and it is strictly residential. It ranks as one of the most expensive estates in Nigeria, offering top-notch amenities and infrastructure. 

The estate offers its residents amenities such as well-paved roads, street lights, recreational areas for children and adults, 24-hour electricity, reliable access to treated water, a gym, a clubhouse, high-speed internet services, and an artificial lake.

18. Crown Estate

Crown Estate is a gated community located in Ajah, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is considered one of the most upscale and exclusive neighborhoods in the area. The estate is known for its high-quality properties, infrastructure, and amenities.

The properties in Crown Estate are generally large, well-maintained, and feature modern designs. 

They come in a variety of styles, including detached houses, semi-detached houses, and terraced houses. Most of the properties have private gardens, and some also have private pools.

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The infrastructure in Crown Estate is of a high standard, with well-paved roads, street lighting, and good drainage. The estate also has a good security system, with gated entrances and round-the-clock security personnel.

19. South Pointe Estate

South Pointe Estate is situated along Orchid Hotel Road in Lekki, Lagos State. Residents are required to pay a $25000 monthly service fee for waste disposal, security, and clean water supply. 

This expensive estate has good roads, an effective drainage system, surveillance cameras, streetlights, and a 12-hour power supply. The estate also has a swimming pool and a gym which makes up for it being one of the costliest estates to live in.

20. Efab Estate 

Efab Estate is located in Lokogoma Abuja, a purely residential area of Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. It is conveniently positioned just 25 minutes from the city center and 30 minutes from the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport making it easily accessible.

It stands on approximately 60 hectares of land and has several key features, including a secure fence that goes around the estate, top-notch security, a good road system, constant power supply, good water, and drainage systems, street lights, gardening, and cleaning services, and so much more. 

FAQs About The Most Expensive Estates


What Is The Most Expensive Estate In Lagos State?

It is difficult to say which specific estate is considered the most expensive in Lagos State, as the real estate market is constantly changing and prices can vary greatly depending on location, size, and other factors. 

However, Lagos is known for its high property prices, and areas such as Banana Island, Victoria Island, and Ikoyi are generally considered to be some of the most expensive and desirable places to live in the city so estates in these areas are probably the best bet.

Which Is The Biggest Estate In Nigeria?

It is difficult to say which estate is the biggest in Nigeria as it depends on how one defines “biggest.” However, one of the largest estates, and perhaps the biggest in Nigeria is Gwarimpa Estate, which is located in Abuja

What Makes An Estate An Expensive Estate?

An estate is called an expensive estate due to the level of luxury it exhumes.

Conclusion On The Most Expensive Estates In Nigeria


In conclusion, comfort and luxury come at a cost, as these estates have shown. It is important to note that real estate prices in Nigeria, like any other location, can be affected by various factors such as location, economic conditions, and many more. 

Therefore, It’s best to consult a real estate agent or property developer for the most up-to-date and accurate information on the cost of properties.

Disclaimer On This List Of Expensive Estates In Nigeria


This is not an endorsement whatsoever and neither is it a form of promotion. These expensive estates are listed according to our research but are subject to change as real estate properties are known to appreciate. Feel free to carry out further research.

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