Extensive Review of Gwarinpa Estate (Updated)


Many people love living in Abuja for its cool weather, captivating landscape, high society, and laid-back nature. 

This carefully planned city houses Nigeria’s top government officials and is ideal for relaxation and building connections. 

Abuja is said to have the best road networks and security in Nigeria. Also, the living standard in the city is higher when compared to other states in the country. 

Abuja has a diverse set of industries for both skilled and unskilled workers. This fact draws a large population to the country’s capital, causing increased housing demands.

As the Federal Capital of Nigeria, Abuja offers several housing estates for different wealth brackets. 

One of the many advantages of living on an estate is the standardized housing and sense of community it provides.

However, one major problem is finding the right property to suit your exact needs.

If you require an affordable and properly-planned estate in Abuja, then Gwarinpa Estate is a good choice. 

The estate boasts luxurious houses, easy access to the city center, and good amenities. This article provides an extensive review of the Gwarinpa Estate. 

Gwarinpa Estate


Abuja Model City, Gwarinpa Estate Abuja, is the largest single housing development in West Africa. The estate is a favorite for the Upper-middle class and middle-income earners. 

The common expression “City within a City” describes the fact that Gwarinpa Estate is both a residential estate and a commercial hub in one. 

Gwarinpa Estate boasts the infrastructure that makes up a city. Also, you can access whatever you need within the estate without having to leave it for as long as a month. 

Gwarinpa Estate is a central point in Abuja and is less than a 15-minute drive from the city center. The estate borders Jabi Lake, Lifecamp, Kubwa, Kado, and Katampe extension areas of Abuja. 

The estate was built under the administration of Gen. Sani Abacha. Originally sitting on 1090 hectares, it has continued to expand over the years. 

There have been several mini estates sprouting within Gwarinpa Estate, owned by private developers. 

The estate has seven residential areas demarcated by large avenues. 

Let’s view the various avenues in this estate

1st avenue 

1st Avenue is a mix of residential and commercial areas. Hospitals and shops line the streets. 

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd avenues of the Estate are high-activity areas with several commercial outlets. 

1st Avenue houses the “church village”. A popular location in the Estate, where most churches are located. 

Also, the Kadobinko market in the Estate is located on 1st Avenue. There are homemade foods, and fresh farm produce sold in the market. 

1st Avenue also houses the corner shop where Priceless Mall and Crush Cafe are located.

2nd avenue 

Federal Staff Housing Estate Gwarinpa, also known as Setraco Gate, marks the entrance to 2nd Avenue. 

This avenue houses commercial plazas and some residential houses. The area is preferred for commercial activities and is less congested than 3rd Avenue. 

From the avenue junction, one can easily access the Kubwa, Zuba, Wuse, and Jabi areas of Abuja.

3rd avenue 

The Chembian Junction opens the entrance to the 3rd Avenue Gwarinpa Estate. This avenue is the heart of the business of the Gwarinpa Estate. 

On both sides of the wide tarred road are malls, shops, banks, plazas, and hospitals on both sides of the wide tarred road. 

Some of the businesses include; Kilimanjaro, GTBank, Chicken Republic, Classic Supermarket, Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone, and LG and Samsung stores. 

However, the downside of this avenue is the traffic congestion during peak hours of 4-5 p.m. 

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This area is preferred by many because of its central location to all areas of the Estate and its closeness to the major estate roads. 

This makes it a prime business location. However, some residents complain of petty thefts that happen around the market.

4th avenue 

The major landmarks of the 4th Avenue Gwarinpa Estate are the Starview Hotel and H-Medix. This avenue also shares some characteristics with the 3rd avenue in Gwarinpa Estate. 

There are several schools, banks, bakeries, churches, hospitals, and hotels on 3rd Avenue. The Galadinma gate marks the end of 4th Avenue in the Estate.

5th avenue 

The entrance into the 5th Avenue in Gwarinpa Estate is the Red Oak Furniture. This avenue is calm and cozy and has more residential buildings than commercial ones. 

A few businesses are located on 5th Avenue, including Zenith Bank and Unity International School.

6th avenue 

The 6th Avenue in Gwarinpa Estate holds a cozy charm and is fit for families. Also, the area is quieter due to being deeper in the estate with fewer shops. 

Some landmarks on 6th Avenue include the Azman oil fueling station and the Punk Palace. The Galadinma gate marks the entrance to the 6th Avenue of the Estate.

7th avenue 

Welcoming residents and visitors to 7th Avenue are the clean air, beautiful residential houses, and well-tarred roads. 

The 7th Avenue in Gwarinpa Estate consists of several residential houses with low lining fences. If you enjoy quiet and less commercial areas, then 7th Avenue is a good fit.

Gwarinpa Village 

The Gwarinpa village is an enclave for the original inhabitants of the land, the Gbayi. This area was separated from the rest of the estate. 

The Gwarinpa village has an ethnic charm and is a burst of the local culture of the original inhabitants. The house types consist of bungalows with zinc roofs that are closely built together.

What makes Gwarinpa Village stand out is the affordability of the house rents in comparison to the general estate houses. 

The place offers a cheaper alternative for those who wish to live in Abuja but cannot afford the high house rents.



Gwarinpa Estate stands out with an all-around California charm, a sleek look, and well-planned amenities. The several amenities enjoyed by Gwarinpa Estate residents are listed below.


There is easy access within and outside the estate. All the roads within Gwarinpa Estate are interconnected, very wide, and well-tarred. 

Also, the transport system within the estate is easily accessible. Commercial tricycles are available for movement within Gwarinpa Estate.

Major roads within the estate include Ahmadu Bello Way to the southern part and the Murtala Mohammed Expressway to the northern end of the district. 

Also, Ring Road 2 links Gwarinpa Estate to towns on the outskirts of Abuja.


The residents of Gwarinpa Estate enjoy a fairly good power supply. The major electricity source is PHCN, while residents supplement with generators and inverters. 

Also, some mini estates within Gwarinpa Estate are serviced and enjoy 24-hour uninterrupted power supply. However, residents have to pay an extra fee to enjoy this service.


Gwarinpa Estate is a gated estate with free entry. This is common with government-owned estates. 

The estate has a police station situated inside to provide a sense of security for residents. Although, there have been a few reports of petty thefts around the 3rd Avenue area. 

Some residents attribute this to the large concentration of commercial activities in the area.


When it comes to the landscape in Gwarinpa, picture beautiful blooms, sidewalks, and tropical trees carefully planted on the sides of the road. 

This gives the estate an all-around relaxing vibe. What makes Gwarinpa Estate stand out is the attention to green areas and the endless, well-manicured greenery around the estate. 

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The well-planned arrangement of the estate reveals beautiful clusters of houses.

Also, the name Gwarinpa means “settlers on a rock.” The estate is situated on mountainous terrain. This adds to the overall charm of Gwarinpa Estate.


The drainage system at Gwarinpa Estate is well-managed. There has been no known case of flooding in the Gwarinpa Estate.

The estate has a proper drainage system with closed drainage on both sides of the road.


Residents have boreholes in each compound to supply water to the estate. The water in Gwarinpa Estate is clear and relatively safe for consumption.


The Gwarinpa Estate boasts good maintenance and a proper waste disposal system handled by the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB).

Local Market

Gwarinpa Estate has a local market that sells fresh vegetables, meats, and locally sourced foodstuffs. 

Schools in Gwarinpa Estate

Many notable educational institutions are situated in Gwarinpa Estate, both privately and publicly owned. 

Some of the schools in Gwarinpa Estate include: 

Lead British International School:

Known for academic excellence, it offers a mix of British and Nigerian educational curricula. The school imbibes a modern approach to learning and prepares students for their A-levels and WAEC examinations.

Canton Hill Academy: 

A primary education school with a wide range of curricula for creche through junior secondary school. The school prioritizes high standards and extracurricular activities to keep children engaged.

Crescent Pearls Integrated School:

A faith-based school running a mixed curriculum of Islamic Knowledge, Nigerian curriculum, and British curriculum. Teaching the early years, primary, and co-educational secondary schools.



The lifestyle of the residents of Gwarinpa Estate is a mix of vibrant outdoor life and active nightlife. 

Residents have several establishments that cater to their preferred needs within the estate. Ranging from street foods, spas, event centers, nightclubs, and malls. A large number of the estate’s residents live and work within the estate.

Gwarinpa Estate also has recreational areas for children. One such center is Evelyn’s Event and Recreational Center. 

The event center offers a long tennis court, swimming pools, and a playground. 

The estate’s access to several commercial centers eases the use of these services. Examples are banking services, schools, and places of worship. 

Who Should Live Here?

Gwarinpa Estate is desirable for several kinds of people. Although, one has to consider factors like proximity to their place of work, school, and budget. 

However, the most common residents include:

  • Young families 
  • Middle-income earners 
  • Upper-middle class families 
  • Self-employed persons seeking to live and work in the same place 
  • Employees who work within the city center

Real Estate in Gwarinpa Estate

The real estate market in Gwarimpa Estate has proven over the years to be stable. Investors have seen a steady appreciation in their property values. 

Also, the central location makes it a prime option for people who desire to live near city centers. This brings a steady stream of buyers and renters and helps to maintain property appreciation.

This can be attributed to the urban development of Abuja in the early 2000s, which gave rise to significant population growth. 

That has led to increased housing demands, and investors trooping into Gwarinpa Estate.

For someone looking to buy or rent a house in Gwarinpa Estate, it is best to employ the services of a registered real estate agency. 

One with a good track record. Also, verify every detail about the house of interest.

Gwarinpa Estate shares proximity to other prime areas, which include: the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing Headquarters, Jabi Boat Club and 


Types of Houses In Gwarimpa

What makes Gwarinpa Estate stand out are the well-planned facilities. Initially built as an all-residential housing estate, it now has a mix of commercial activities. 

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The houses are carefully planned and follow strict building codes. Most of the houses are newly built or recently renovated. Also, Gwarinpa Estate offers several house types for sale, rent, or lease to suit your preference. 

Some of the house types in Gwarinpa Estate include: 

Upscale bungalows, detached duplexes, semi-detached duplexes, apartment complexes, and mansionettes

Generally, before buying any property in Gwarinpa Estate, one has to ensure the structural integrity of the building. 

Also, verifying the property documents and confirming the house is built on the approved government lot is essential.

Prices of Real Estate in Gwarimpa 

The prices in Gwarinpa Estate hugely depend on the style of the house, condition, and size. 

Also, the prices of houses are subject to change.

  • 1 Bedroom apartment for rent costs N1 million naira upward 
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment for rent costs about N2 million upward 
  • 3 Bedroom Terraced duplex for rent costs about N4 million
  • A land of 750 sqm for sale costs N16 million to N30 million
  • 3 Bedroom detached Bungalow for sale costs about N65 million 
  • 5 Bedroom Detached Duplex for sale costs about N120 Million to N200 Million

Pros and Cons of Living in Gwarinpa Estate 

There are several benefits to living in Gwarinpa Estate, as well as disadvantages. For one to know their option, it is best to weigh the two. 

Listed below are the pros and cons of Gwarinpa Estate.


1. Ease of Transportation: 

One thing common with several residential estates is the lack of public transport operating within the estate. 

However, in Gwarinpa Estate, commercial tricycles are available for movement within the estate. 

Residents can easily move within the estate without their private vehicles. 

2. Affordable Housing: 

There is a balance in the prices of properties in Gwarinpa Estate. Residents can enjoy quality facilities at a more affordable price when compared to other luxury areas in Asokoro and Maitama. 

The prices of some houses in Gwarinpa Estate could be as cheap as properties in the outskirts of Abuja. 

While some are almost as costly as other high-end areas of Abuja.

3. Stable Property Appreciation:

Gwarinpa Estate is teeming with an ever-growing population that makes housing demand more than its supply. 

The prime location makes it good for businesses as well as residential housing. A steady inflow of renters and buyers keeps the demand for houses constant and ensures steady property appreciation. 

4. Access to Amenities: 

Residents of Gwarinpa Estate enjoy easy access to several amenities. Such as good schools, roads, electricity, health care facilities, and recreational centers. 


1. Minimal Security 

There have been cases of communal clashes within the estate. Although rapidly dispersed. 

Also, Gwarinpa Estate being a central access route brings a large number of daily commuters into the estate. 

This can pose a security risk, and residents have to be extra watchful. However, the security within the estate is fair and there have been few robbery incidents.

2. Traffic Congestion

Due to the large population of residents in Gwarinpa Estate, there is traffic congestion during peak hours. 

Also, its central location makes it an access route to other locations within Abuja. This increases the number of daily commuters passing through the estate roads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which local government is Gwarinpa located in?

Gwarinpa Estate is located in Abuja Municipal Area Council in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.

What is the zip code for Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja?

900108 is the Zip Code for Gwarinpa Estate


Choosing a property requires careful deliberation and proper research. So far, Gwarinpa Estate has proven to have great facilities and is a popular property investment location.

However, before buying a property in Gwarinpa, you must properly vet all aspects of the property.