Comprehensive Review Of Oniru Estate 


Oniru Estate is popular for its easy commute to corporate workplaces, family-friendliness, and high real estate value. It is also home to the popular Oniru Beach and Oniru Market. 

An upper-class situated beside Victoria Island, Lagos. Oniru Estate is located in the Eti-Osa local government area of Lagos State, Nigeria. 

Oniru is also popularly known as the Victoria Island extension and is often mistaken for being part of Victoria Island.

Looking back to the nineties, Oniru was the poor, underdeveloped neighbor to Victoria Island. However, in recent times, the Oniru Estate seems to have developed in a flash!

If you wish to know more about Oniru Estate, either as an investment option or for living purposes. 

An extensive review of Oniru Estate will show you what Oniru Estate offers, and how good a choice it is for you.

Overview of Oniru Estate


Once known as Maroko, Oniru Estate has transformed into an upscale suburb that caters to the rich. 

Sharing borders with the Atlantic Ocean on its south, Lekki Phase 1 to its west, and Victoria Island and Ikoyi districts on its east end. 

The estate landmark starts at the Sandfill bus stop and ends at the Lekki tollgate. Oniru’s location makes it a link from Victoria Island into the Lekki districts through Lekki Phase 1.

Oniru Estate being sandwiched between high-end neighborhoods and economically robust areas has greatly influenced its development. 

Making Oniru Estate a prime location to live within Lagos state. 

Going down memory lane to the mid-1990s. The now Oniru Estate existed as Maroko village, a slum with houses built on water. 

Maroko was an independent fishing town along the shores of the Lagos lagoon that bordered the Atlantic Ocean. 

The shanty town remained for decades until it no longer fit into the upscale surroundings of Victoria Island and Ikoyi. 

Maroko town was demolished by the government, and the indigenous people were resettled in other areas of Lagos State. This resettlement was highly controversial at the time, citing unjust land seizures. 

Maroko has developed into the now serene and well-landscaped Oniru Estate. The estate is preferred among the upper-middle class and other wealthy business moguls. 

There is also a large presence of expatriates living in the estate. Now, let’s review what the area has become since the resettlement.

Infrastructure in Oniru Estate



Residents of Oniru Estate enjoy a relatively good electricity supply. The estate heavily depends on EKDC, while residents own private generators and inverters to augment their electricity.

However, some private developers provide serviced houses and apartments for rent with 24/7 electricity. 

Although the residents of these apartments would have to pay an extra fee to enjoy this service.


Lagos is a coastal town and is prone to flooding. Oniru Estate is located along the coastal line and experiences floods during heavy downpours. Furthermore, after rainfall, puddles of rainwater are observed on parts of the road.

One thing to note about the drainage in Oniru Estate is the open drainage seen in the estate. The estate gutters are not closed, and this can breed mosquitoes.

Generally, Oniru Estate has a fairly good drainage system with minimal flooding.

Road Network 

The roads in Oniru Estate are tarred with lots of speed breakers (road bumps) and well-paved streets within the estate.

The road network in Oniru links directly to Victoria Island, Lekki, and Ikoyi areas of Lagos state. 


Maintenance of Oniru estate is fair. The Oniru Royal Family who are the owners of Oniru Estate oversee its maintenance. 


Most parts of Lagos, especially the island, is a swampy land. Causing the naturally flowing water to be brownish, as is common in most parts of the Island.

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The water in Oniru Estate has to be treated before use. There is also a borehole available in each house to provide a constant water supply.


Oniru Estate is a gated residential community. There are security men at the entrance gate and the Oba’s mobile police provide extra security to the area. 

Also, streetlights are mounted everywhere within the estate as an added security measure.

In Oniru Estate, high fences surround each house. Although this destroys the aesthetics of the estate, by hiding the beauty of the houses

However, residents build high fences to create an added sense of security and safety. This is because the fences make it more difficult for intruders to break in. 

Transport within the estate 

Due to the ban on motorcycle operations in Lagos State. There is no commercial transport within Oniru Estate, therefore making movement within the estate somewhat difficult. 

However, the majority of the estate residents own their private vehicles and have little need for commercial means of transportation.


The landscape in Oniru estate is located in the coastal city of Lagos. Filled with beaches, creeks, and lagoons. 

Oniru estate shares a fair amount of this, giving the estate a cool and windy atmosphere. The high-rise projects in the estate also enjoy a direct view of the lagoons and beaches surrounding Oniru Estate.

Furthermore, the popular “Great Wall” of the Eko Atlantic City can be spotted through one end of Oniru Estate 

Other facilities within Oniru Estate include:
  1. Oniru Chieftaincy family estate office 
  2. Oniru Central Mosque 
  3. Oba Oniru’s Palace 
  4. A Healthcare center 
  5. A Petrol Station

Neighbourhood Overview


There are several beautiful places within and outside Oniru. Some of which include: 

Oniru Beach

Oniru Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos State. The beach is open 24 hours a day, and it is privately owned by the Oniru Royal Family. 

Spotted on the beach are beautiful cabanas, and white sand with lots of seashells for picking. Some of the beach activities include horseback riding and beach parties. 

Oniru Beach is situated beside Landmark Beach and has really clear ocean water. The beach is perfect for picnics, beach parties, and reunions.

If you enjoy large crowds, then you are sure to like Oniru Beach. 

Landmark Leisure Beach 

Landmark Leisure Beach is owned by Paul Onwuanibe, the MD/ CEO of Landmark Group. Landmark Leisure Beach is a popular resort destination, the private beach has a direct view of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Landmark Leisure Beach is lauded as the best beach destination in West Africa. The beach has a family-theme park with several beach sports like; beach volleyball, beach basketball, and speedboat riding, for kids and adults. 

There are several high-end brands with stalls on the beach that cater to their high-end clientele.

Also, Landmark Leisure Beach has exotic scenery. There are several palm trees planted around the beach and lush cabanas that add to the general ambiance.

Visitors are sure to have a delightful experience while visiting, and it is perfect for all beach-themed occasions. 

Trinity Towers

The Trinity Towers are promoted by the City of David Parish, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

A magnificent edifice along the road within Oniru Estate. Construction of the towers started in 2017 and has 14 floors, with three towers linked together. 

Trinity Towers is designed to provide space for a mix of worship, work, and recreation. Which include concert halls, 2 cinema halls, a tennis court, a recreational theme park,  etc. 

Also, the Trinity Towers are valued at over 12 billion (NGN).

Oniru Market

Oniru Estate has a local market that sells farm produce and locally grown food ingredients. However, the market areas are known to have poor sanitation practices. 

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Shoprite: The Palms shopping mall, A popular neighborhood mall that caters to every household’s needs. Features include a cinema, pizzeria, creamery, Shopping centers, Restaurants, etc.

Oriental Hotel: An exclusive 4-star hotel that boasts excellent facilities and a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean. The Oriental Hotel is located in the heart of Oniru Estate.

British International School (BIS): A British international boarding school situated in Nigeria. Popular for its academic excellence and well-grounded teachings. 

The school rates are among the best in the country for secondary school education. Preparing students for the A-levels and GCSE exams.

Landmark Center: A popular event center in Oniru Estate. The event center is open for exhibitions, shows, and conferences. 

Four Points by Sheraton: An upscale hotel with world-class facilities. Four Points by Sheraton is a popular location for mega events in Nigeria. The hotel offers several fun and relaxing activities for its lodgers.

Ave Maria Hospital: A major hospital in Oniru Estate providing healthcare needs.

Lifestyle in Oniru


The lifestyle at Oniru Estate is sophisticated and peaceful. Several high-end institutions cater to the estate population and visitors. 

The rapid development of the area attracts notable personalities who live in the area, some of whom include: celebrities, politicians, and business moguls. Earning the area a big-boy designation. 

The estate has many beachfront views, and its residents enjoy a vibrant outdoor lifestyle. Also, the estate has mostly residential homes, estate intel has tracked a total of 1,285 residential units (467 completed projects and 818 pipeline projects) in the Oniru estate.

There is a high population of corporate workers who go to work in the mornings and arrive at the end of work hours. 

During the weekends, residents enjoy visiting several relaxation centers, and malls, and attending events within and outside Oniru. 

Oniru Estate is home to several organizations. Town hall meetings are held where residents and stakeholders of the estate can interact. 

Residents also pay development charges to maintain the facilities within the estate. Which include: security, roads, and drainage systems.

Real Estate in Oniru Estate

Oniru Estate’s prime location makes it an ideal place for real estate investments. There is always a steady stream of buyers and renters who desire to be closer to their workplaces

Oniru Estate also shares many of the benefits of being close to Victoria Island and Ikoyi districts. Which is roughly 15 to 20 minutes drive away. 

Those who cannot afford the high property prices of these areas, find Oniru Estate a cheaper alternative.

According to the estate, rents and sale prices have grown by 0.2% and 22.8%, respectively, over the past five years. Over the years, investors have enjoyed stable property appreciation.

Oniru shares borders with the economically robust Victoria Island and Lagos. Therefore promoting fast development within Oniru itself. 

You can find several luxurious structures in Oniru Estate and various house types, which include: condos, semis, townhouses, and detached duplexes

Prices of houses in Oniru Estate

Generally, the prices of houses in Oniru Estate are on the high side. The amount you pay greatly depends on the style of the house, its size, conditions, and facilities. 

However, the prices of houses in Oniru Estate are subject to change depending on economic factors. 

However, standard prices of houses within Oniru are around the prices below:

  • 1 bedroom apartment -NGN 55 to 80 million 
  • 1 bedroom maisonette -NGN 55 to 90 million 
  • 2 bedroom apartment -NGN 65 to 120 million 
  • 2 bedroom maisonette -NGN 68 to 130 million 
  • 3-bedroom apartment -NGN 95 to 160 million 
  • 3 bedroom maisonette with a Boy’s quarter -NGN 100 to 200 million 
  • 5 Bedroom detached duplex -NGN 170 million to 360 million
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Housing Conditions 

Oniru Estate is not centrally planned. There are private projects within the Oniru estate built by independent developers. 

These mini-housing estates offer serviced housing with 24/7 electricity and treated water. Some of the houses also have smart features and private entertainment, which include: a cinema, a clubhouse, and a heated jacuzzi.

However, there are houses owned by private individuals that have minimal facilities. Depending on if you are buying or renting. 

For buyers, you may have to renovate the house to your taste. For renters, there are different houses, and what you get is based on your budget.

Pros and Cons of Oniru Estate



High Property Appreciation

Oniru has high property appreciation and value. Owning a property in Oniru Estate is considered a safe investment. 

This is attributed to the estate’s tight security and proximity to the most affluent areas in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Also, due to its proximity to major industries, there is a high demand for houses, mostly apartments. This fuels property appreciation as demand is greater than supply.

All-access roads are clean and well-tarred. With closed drainages and sidewalks for pedestrians.

Access to Quality Facilities

The residents of Oniru enjoy easy access to quality facilities. The standard of living in the estate is high especially when compared to other areas of Lagos.

Captivating Landscape 

If you are one for nature, you will enjoy the view of Oniru Estate. Beaches, creeks, and lagoons The coastal landscape of Oniru is a major attraction in the area.


Brownish Water

Borehole water in Oniru has a brownish color and must be treated before use. This costs extra, as the water treatment must be done regularly before it is safe for use.


A major downside of living in Oniru is the flooding that occurs during heavy downpours. The access roads and drainage are flooded with rainwater and take time to dry off. 

This can cause the breeding of mosquitoes if left unattended.

High Cost of Living 

The prices of properties in Oniru Estate are on the high side. The estate ranks amongst the most expensive places to live in Lagos, Nigeria. 

This limits the kind of people living there, as only a certain demographic can afford the high house prices.

Limited Parking Spaces 

Oniru Estate is quite small, and parking spaces are limited. Most private cars are parked along the road.

Little Privacy 

Houses are built close to each other, with only a single fence demarcating each property. For those who enjoy much larger compound spaces, this could pose a turn-off to the area. 

Houses in Oniru Estate are lined up side by side with little to no space in between.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which state is Oniru Estate located in?

Oniru Estate is located in Lagos State, Nigeria. It lies in the Eti-Osa local government area and shares borders with Victoria Island, Lekki, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Who owns Oniru Estate? 

Oniru Estate is owned by the Oniru Royal Family. The current head is the current Oniru of Iru Land. His Royal Highness, Oba Abdulwasiu Omogbolahan Lawal, Abisogun II.

What is the postal code for Oniru Estate

The postal code for Oniru Estate is 101251.

Summing It Up 

What makes Oniru interesting is the swift transformation that has taken place within 10 years. The area isn’t what it used to be, and it’s open for new investments

Also, Oniru Estate offers a peaceful living option for buyers and renters.

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