Top 20 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Increase Sale In 2023


As the real estate market continues to grow, the competition is also getting intense and everyone is on the lookout for new ways to increase their sales. Fortunately, I have compiled a list that you might find quite useful. Here are 20 real estate marketing ideas to increase sales.

1. Create A Professional Website

Creating an online presence is very important in this day since most people use the internet for just about anything. The significance of creating a website for your business cannot be understated.

This approach to real estate marketing is not new, however, there are several real estate marketing ideas you can implement on your website to improve your sales. 

Having a website isn’t enough, you need to have a good website if you want to get more clients. A bad website can do more harm to your business than not having a website at all.

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You should consider both usability and aesthetics when creating your website. You should also consider factors like the general speed of the site, ease of navigation, content quality, photo sharpness, and so on. 

Here are some tips and real estate marketing ideas you could implement on your website; responsive design, fast load speed, mobile friendliness, etc.

2. Have An Eye-catching Homepage

The homepage is the first thing people see when they open your website so you need to have an impressive homepage if you want to keep them on your site. Most people judge the credibility of a business from the appearance of their website. Needless to say, the impression your homepage gives matters a lot. 

3. Avoid Posting Too Many Adverts

This might seem to defeat the purpose of the website but you should not overwhelm visitors by crowding the website with advertisements and listings. You want your visitors to want to come back to your website. 

You should consider posting new information and updating property listings regularly rather than bombarding the site.

4. Use Professional Images

The quality of the images on your website also contributes to its general appearance. Attractive images will significantly improve the appearance of your website and attract buyers. The appropriate time of day or angle can significantly alter the results of your images. 

You should consider hiring a professional photographer (ideally one who has experience shooting houses and other structures) or if you have high-end equipment and experience, you could try your hand at it. 

5. Add A Property Evaluation Widget To Your Site

The most important thing to a prospective seller is how much their property is worth. You can get seller leads by incorporating a house valuation widget into your website.

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The Real Geek’s property Valuation Tool comes in handy. It determines the value of your property by looking at local market statistics.

To read their value report, users are asked to sign up with their email address, and their data is recorded as leads.

6. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Use

The simplest approach to differentiate your website from the competition is to have a mobile-optimized website.  This is simply because mobile devices are the preferred browsing method for most consumers. 

Not a lot of real estate companies and agents have optimized websites for mobile devices so having one gives you a competitive advantage. A mobile-optimized website has several benefits. It gives your clients access to your website on the go.  

You can provide big buttons and a home search function to make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for and get in touch with you. Make sure users can easily explore your website and discover the ideal listing.

7. Create Top-notch Listings

When house hunting, most people prefer to find out as much as they possibly can about a building online before going to see it in person. 

Providing all the necessary details of properties in your listings will attract buyers not only because you get the opportunity to show off all its benefits but also because they know exactly what to expect rather than physically going house to house. 

This means, thorough descriptions -mention the park down the road or the Starbucks that is only a five-minute walk away-, vibrant images, virtual tours, and quick links to Google Maps and Google Earth, anything that can give the potential buyer all the information they possibly need. 

8. Start A Blog

Starting a blog is another real estate marketing strategy that is not new. Blogs are a great way to get your business name out to the target audience. Many real estate businesses use this strategy but miss the most important part, SEO. What good is a blog if nobody sees it? 

To use a blog for real estate marketing, you need to write SEO-friendly articles. This guarantees that your posts consistently appear in prospective clients’  search results. Thereby steadily building an audience to market real estate to.

You can identify the search terms and keywords relevant to your target market using tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs. These tools will also recommend new topics for you to research.

Post useful content giving insights into the real estate market and answering questions buyers frequently ask. Make it straightforward for people to reach your main website and add links to your profile pages on other real estate websites to reach potential clients.

9. Conduct Virtual Tours

Using the Matterport 3D camera is one of the best tools for real estate marketing. The system gets rid of the problem of distance by putting together a three-dimensional dollhouse model of a whole property. This model is an accurate representation, so you can give virtual tours of your properties and your buyers can get the full experience without actually going to the house.

This is unquestionably the most innovative approach to real estate marketing. This is a great idea for huge real estate agencies, individual real estate agents, or even just a simple private owner. You can also enlist the help of Matterport specialists through the company’s network of photographers.

You could also include the surroundings of the properties in your virtual tours. This gives the buyer an idea of the environment and helps their decision-making. 


10. Run Paid Promotions On Social Media

Social media is a very important tool in real estate marketing. It provides a perfect platform for connecting with potential buyers, promoting your listings, and developing your brand. If you want to increase your sales then you should definitely look into running paid promotions on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and the likes.

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Some of these social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook allow you to choose your target market, so you have control over the type of audience your ad reaches. Additionally, you can use certain hashtags to guarantee that the audience you want to attract sees your posts.

11. Go Old School With Print Media 

Among all the innovative and creative approaches to real estate marketing, you shouldn’t overlook the classics. To reach a wide range of people, you should combine the old with the new. A combination of print and digital marketing is sure to significantly increase your sales. 

You should create attractive booklets, brochures, flyers, posters, and catalogs that are sure to catch people’s attention. You can share these materials at events, and exhibitions and even share them with local businesses to pass around. 

12. Create A Newsletter

Creating a newsletter is a smart real estate marketing strategy to help you maintain your client base. Send out a helpful newsletter with new listings, future seminars you’re offering, regional events, recommendations, and more after collecting email signups via your website and events. To deliver incredibly relevant material, be sure to divide your lists into separate communities.

13. Hire A Marketing Team Member

Real estate marketing is one of those situations where you might have to bring a professional on board. Any marketing strategy will require time to implement, which you might not have and as a result, all your marketing attempts end up falling through. 

The truth is you cannot have enough time to market your business effectively and provide for your customers at the same time. This is where hiring an extra comes in handy. 

You could hire an expert in real estate marketing or a virtual assistant that would be able to put in the time and dedication to successfully carry out your marketing plans. 

14. Film Video Walkthroughs

Making video walkthroughs of your properties is another good real estate marketing idea. More information on a home is depicted in videos rather than pictures. You do not necessarily have to invest thousands of dollars in a professionally produced video for this. It can just be a simple video taken by a camera or a smartphone with excellent camera quality. If you have a big budget you could get a drone to get videos of the property from different perspectives.

This real estate marketing plan will provide the potential buyer with a better feel of what a building looks like in person. It also allows you to sell all the good points of the property.

15. Give Out Branded Swag

Everyone loves free stuff. Luckily for you, you can leverage this for your real estate marketing. You could give out branded pens, mugs, keychains, caps, stickers, or anything else to your clients. It’s a great approach to spread awareness of your company and keep your services at the forefront of the minds of prospective customers.

16. Set Up A Zillow Profile

What is Zillow? Zillow is a Washington-based company headquartered in Seattle. It is a real estate marketing platform that is aimed at supplying customers with the information and knowledge needed for getting the perfect home. 

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They help potential buyers get in touch with the most qualified real estate agents.  Through this platform, people may advertise their homes for sale, display listings of homes for sale or rent, and assess the price against the neighborhood market.

Almost everyone in the real estate field knows about Zillow. These days, a lot of buyers and sellers use Zillow as one of their main sites to learn about the market and even look for potential properties. It is a fantastic real estate marketing tool. Having a significant presence on Zillow will no doubt increase your sales. 

17. Reach Out To Clients On Online Forums

An excellent real estate marketing technique to get people to visit your website and blog is content marketing.

For this, you would need to locate external websites where you can promote your business. This involves creating relevant and helpful material for well-known authority websites that links back to distinct but related content on your site.

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To market your material, you should leverage online forums like Quora and Reddit. You can also make use of Medium, and LinkedIn publishing platforms. This is a smart and effective way to lure people to your site. But you must first have anchor content on your site or blog to link to.

18. Host Or Co-host A Webinar 

Another real estate marketing tactic is hosting webinars. You could either host one yourself or co-host with other real estate agents. You would be educating your audience, giving insights and tips for house hunting, and at the same time promoting your business. 

19. Create a Lead Generation Tool

Incorporating a lead generation page into your website is a fantastic real estate marketing tactic. This is what experienced marketers like to refer to as a “squeeze page.” This is because you are attempting to get email addresses from visitors who might be unwilling to give them out. 

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This marketing strategy is a foundation for future email marketing attempts. It is a good way to gather mailing lists for your newsletters. 

A good lead generation tool as stated earlier is a property evaluation tool. But a lead generation tool can be anything that potential buyers would find useful.  

It could be a survey to find out their ideal house or a form to get notifications for open houses. Afterward, you simply request that the user provide their email address to receive the findings. 

20. Build A Referral System

Building a referral system is one approach to boost your real estate marketing attempts online. To start with, you could simply ask for referrals from satisfied clients. But you could also include this in your email signature for a more passive approach. 

You can also provide a benefit in return for recommendations. It could be a gift card or a branded swag item, or it can be something else entirely. Whatever it is, think of a distinctive manner to present it to your clients. 

Conclusion On Real Estate Marketing Ideas


In conclusion, real estate marketing doesn’t have to be in a particular way. You can switch it up, and be creative in finding different ways to improve your sales.