Top 20 Best Real Estate Software (2023)


Real estate agents know the importance of keeping up with the trends in the real estate industry, it is necessary for growth and to remain relevant. As the industry continues to grow, technology is gradually becoming a major addition. This has resulted in the development of various real estate software. 

With the use of this real estate software, real estate agents can create leads, develop their brands, keep in touch with prospective customers, maintain organization, and close sales more effectively. 

It seems pretty straightforward till you consider the number of software available. Picking the best tools might be difficult but to make it easier we have compiled a list of the top 20 real estate software.

1. Zillow Premier Agent


We are all familiar with Zillow, it is one of the most widely used real estate software platforms in the industry. The platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools for real estate agents, brokers, and teams to manage their listings, leads, and marketing efforts all in one place. 

You can use this real estate software to create listings and see which properties your leads are browsing and saving. 

From Zillow’s premier agent, real estate agents can upload pictures and descriptions of available properties and the platform will automatically syndicate the information to other major real estate websites, ensuring maximum exposure for their properties.

With over 36 million unique monthly visitors and access to exclusive leads, Zillow Premier Agent is a valuable real estate software for agents looking to expand their reach and increase their business.

2. Propertybase


Propertybase is a real estate software platform designed for brokers, agents, and teams to manage their business operations efficiently. 

The software offers a range of features and tools to help real estate professionals manage their contacts, listings, transactions, and marketing campaigns from a single platform. 

This comprehensive approach to real estate management has made Propertybase a popular choice for many real estate professionals.

A major feature of this real estate software is its integration capabilities. Propertybase can be integrated with several other real estate software, including the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), accounting software, and other tools commonly used by real estate professionals. 

This integration allows agents and brokers to streamline their workflows and reduce manual data entry, making the process less time-consuming and more accurate.

3. Real Geeks


RealGeeks is a customer relationship management (CRM) and lead generation tool made specifically for real estate agents. 

It is a cloud-based real estate software that gives real estate brokers and agents access to several tools to manage leads, track marketing campaigns, and streamline business operations. 

RealGeeks provides a variety of transaction management tools including lead generation forms, lead management tools, automated lead follow-up, website design and development, and email marketing tools. 

The platform also provides real-time analytics and reporting, giving agents and brokers insights into their marketing efforts and the effectiveness of their campaigns. It is one of the best CRM software for real estate.

4. RedX


RedX is a real estate software that provides a platform for lead generation and management for real estate brokers and agents.

It enables agents to search for homes based on particular criteria such as location, price, and property type by providing access to multiple listing services (MLS) throughout the United States and Canada. RedX also offers landing sites and lead capture forms, allowing agents to gather lead data and follow up with prospects.

The platform provides a dashboard that displays all of the leads in one place, allowing agents to manage and track their leads and stay on top of their follow-up tasks.

5. Dotloop


Real estate transactions deal with a lot of paperwork which is both tedious, resource-consuming, and time-consuming. 

Dotloop is a well-known piece of real estate software that has completely changed how transactions are carried out in the industry. 

From listing to closing, it offers a complete platform that streamlines the real estate transaction process, making it quicker, more effective, and more transparent. 

Real estate agents can handle deals, communicate documents, and electronically sign contracts with the help of Dotloop, saving time and money, lowering errors, and enhancing compliance. 

Dotloop’s document management system is one of its most important features. Agents can upload, organize, and share any transaction-related paperwork, including contracts, addenda, disclosures, and other paperwork. 

They can then work together to examine and digitally sign these agreements with the help of other parties involved in the transaction, such as the buyers, sellers, lenders, and attorneys. 

This takes care of the need for paper documents, physical signatures, and manual processes, which can slow down transactions and increase the risk of errors and delays.

6. Entrata


Entrata is a cloud-based property management software made to help automate and streamline numerous property management tasks. 

This real estate software is ideal for the residential and commercial real estate industries since it is designed to suit the demands of property managers, owners, and residents. 

In addition to resident portals, lead management, accounting, leasing, facilities management, and other features, Entrata also provides several connected modules. 

As a result, it serves as an all-inclusive management tool for a variety of property-related duties, enabling property managers to increase operational effectiveness and lessen administrative hassles.

Entrata did not publicly disclose its pricing, but you can view it here.

7. is a popularly known real estate software operated by the News Corp subsidiary Move, Inc. It is associated with the National Association of Realtors and uses Multiple Listing Services (MLS) listings sourced from over 580 local databases.

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This software can be used to look up properties, see photos and videos of properties, and compare neighborhood characteristics. 

They aim to assist buyers and sellers in obtaining all information from a listing without having to worry about real estate paperwork or legal, or technical concerns. It connects buyers to sellers without any hassle making the buying process much simpler. 

Additionally, they have search filters that help buyers narrow the search results down to exactly what they are looking for or at least close enough to it. 

You can even use your fingertip to draw a shape on the app map to only see the properties inside of that specific geographic area.

8. AppFolio


Appfolio is a property management tool for real estate professionals. This real estate software provides all the tools necessary to effectively manage your properties. It enables property managers to automate procedures, streamline daily duties, and increase productivity.

One of the main features of this real estate software is its marketing tools. This allows real estate agents, brokers, or property managers to advertise their listings across a range of channels to be able to reach a wider audience. 

The platform also includes automated rent collection, and online payment options, and has reporting capabilities that enable property managers to track their financial performance in real-time. This can save time and help property managers avoid errors in calculation. 

Appfolio Pricing Plans

Appfolio software for real estate has two pricing plans. All the plans have varying features and prices.

Below are the names and pricing of the Appfolioe real estate software

  1. Core – The Core plan costs $1.4 per unit for a month. It is the smallest plan and it has a total of 7 features.
  2. Plus – The Plus plan costs $3 per unit monthly. It has a total of 12 features.

View the Appfolio pricing plan.

9. RealPage


RealPage is a real estate software designed for property managers, investors, and residents. 

The app offers a range of features, including online leasing, rent payments, resident services, and more. It allows property managers to efficiently manage their properties, from marketing vacancies and screening tenants to handling maintenance requests and collecting rent. 

Investors can use the app to monitor the performance of their investments, track expenses, and access financial reports.

10. DocuSign


Docu sign is a cloud-based electronic signing and transaction management tool. It is real estate software that offers an all-inclusive approach to monitoring and following real estate transactions. It allows users to use electronic signatures, store documents, and transfer data.

Many businesses in the real estate industry as well as other industries make use of this software as opposed to setting up appointments for in-person meetings to sign documents. 

DocuSign streamlines the whole transaction process, from listing agreements and purchase contracts to leasing agreements and property disclosures, making it a useful tool for real estate agents and brokers.

Making use of this software allows agents and brokers to close deals faster. It saves time and lowers the chance of mistakes and conflicts by offering a safe and legally binding means to sign and save papers.

DocuSign Pricing Plans

The DocuSign real estate software pricing is split into various categories; the eSignature category, the eSignature for real estate category, and the API usage category. All of which have varying features and pricing.

View the DocuSign pricing plan.

11. Matterport 


Inspecting property or attending an open house can be quite time-consuming especially if the potential buyer doesn’t live in the area or country. 

Many times, a home hasn’t even been finished with modifications when it goes on the market, or the current owners are still living there. However, it is important to inspect whatever property you intend to buy, so what other way can clients get to inspect the property? 

Matterport is a real estate program that provides a variety of tools and services to assist real estate professionals in creating immersive 3D virtual tours of properties. It was established in 2011 and has since expanded to become one of the top proptech businesses, with offices all around the world. 

This real estate software creates precise 3D scans of a property’s interior and exterior using cutting-edge technology, which can subsequently be converted into interactive virtual tours.

These tours are accessible from any device with an internet connection, enabling prospective tenants and buyers to virtually visit a property as if they were actually there.

By creating virtual tours of properties, they can reduce the need for in-person showings, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Matterport Pricing Plans

Matterport real estate software has four pricing plans. All the plans have varying features and prices.

Below are the names and pricing of Matterport real estate software

  1. Free – This is a free forever plan.
  2. Starter – The Starter plan costs $10 monthly. 
  3. Pro & Business – This plan costs $69 monthly. It is the most popular plan of Matterport real estate software.
  4. Enterprise – This plan allows you to structure your own package based on your needs and wants. The pricing is based on the features you choose.

View the Matterport pricing plan.

12. Zapier


As their businesses expand, real estate agents will have a greater need for automation. Many real estate software packages have some level of automation, but as agents add additional technology to their toolkits, they will need a mechanism to link the packages together. 

With the aid of a program called Zapier, agents can automate the workflows of digital apps like email platforms and CRMs. 

Zapier is a web-based automation tool that allows users to connect multiple apps and automate workflows between them. As a real estate software, Zapier can be incredibly helpful in streamlining many of the repetitive tasks that real estate professionals face daily. 

With Zapier, users can create “Zaps,” which are automated workflows that connect two or more apps. Around 5,000 applications have connectors with Zapier that enable these applications to communicate. 

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For example, a Zap can automatically create a new contact in a real estate CRM whenever a new lead comes in through a lead generation form on a website. It lessens the amount of manual data entering needed for everyday tasks.

Zapier Pricing Plans

Zapier software for real estate has five pricing plans. All the plans have varying features and prices.

Below are the names and pricing of the plans.

  1. Free – The Free plan costs $0 and allows only 100 tasks monthly.
  2. Starter – The Starter plan costs $20 for a month and allows only 750 tasks monthly.
  3. Professional – The Professional plan costs $49 monthly and allows only 2000 tasks monthly.
  4. Team – The Team plan costs $399 monthly and allows only 50000 tasks monthly.
  5. Company – The Company plan costs $799 monthly and allows only 100000 tasks monthly. It is the biggest and majorly meant for organizations.

All the plans have a free trial.  View the detailed Zapier pricing plan

13. QuickBooks 


QuickBooks is a popular accounting software used by many organizations. It can be used by real estate professionals to manage their finances and keep track of their transactions. 

This software is particularly useful for real estate agents, brokers, property managers, and investors who need to keep track of their income, expenses, and tax obligations.

It can be used by a single agent or in collaboration with various tiers of accountants and bookkeepers. QuickBooks is used for comprehensive recordkeeping and can help you understand your company’s finances and save you a ton of time when tax time comes around. 

There is a small learning curve, but once you can use your credit card and bank integration, transactions can be automatically added to your ledger, avoiding the need for manual entries and potential mistakes.

QuickBooks offers features like invoicing, expenditure tracking, and financial reporting that can help real estate agents automate their accounting procedures.

QuickBooks Pricing Plans

QuickBooks real estate software has three pricing plans. All the plans have varying features and prices.

Below are the names and pricing of the plans.

  1. Simple start – The Simple start plan costs $9 for a month. It is the smallest plan and it has a total of 8 features.
  2. Essentials – The Essentials plan costs $13 monthly. It has all the features of the Simple Start plan and four more exciting features.
  3. Plus – The Plus plan costs $18 monthly. It has all the features of the Essentials plan and five more exciting features.

All the plans have a 30-day free trial. View the QuickBooks pricing plan.

14. Zilculator 


Zilculator is a real estate software that provides powerful tools for real estate investors to analyze and make informed decisions about their investments. 

This cloud-based software is designed to help investors quickly analyze and compare different investment opportunities, estimate repair costs, and generate detailed reports on the potential returns of an investment property.

Zilculator is easy to use and offers a wide range of features to make real estate investing more efficient and profitable. 

The repair cost estimator tool, allows users to estimate the cost of repairs and renovations for an investment property. This tool is particularly helpful for investors who are looking to flip properties and need to accurately estimate repair costs to ensure profitability.

Zilculator Pricing Plans

Zilculator software for real estate has three pricing plans. All the plans have varying features and prices.

Below are the names and pricing of the plans.

  1. Premium – The Premium plan costs $23.2 for a month. It is the biggest plan and it has a total of 15 features you can save unlimited properties and 20 property photos.
  2. Pro – The Pro plan costs $15.2 monthly. It has a total of 13 features and you can only save 20 properties and 5 property photos
  3. Plus – The Plus plan costs $13.6 monthly. It has a total of 8 features and you can only save 10 properties and 1 property photos

All the plans have a 7-day free trial. View the Zilculator pricing plan.

15. PropertyRadar


PropertyRadar is a real estate software made to assist real estate agents in finding and reaching out to their ideal target market. 

It provides a complete set of tools for lead creation, prospecting, and real estate marketing. The software provides insights into demographics, property attributes, and other aspects.

PropertyRadar is a powerful search engine that enables users to browse millions of US properties to find particular types of properties or focus on particular geographic locations. 

You can get access to data on both residential and commercial property. There are more than 200 search parameters available, including property type, location, owner details, and more. 

Because of the accessible integration, the generated data list can be distributed to other systems like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and LionDesk.

PropertyRadar Pricing Plans

PropertyRadar real estate software has three pricing plans. All the plans have varying features and prices.

Below are the names and pricing of PropertyRadar real estate software

  1. Essentials – The Essentials plan costs $49 monthly. It has eleven features.
  2. Complete – The Complete plan costs $79 monthly. It has thirteen features.
  3. Custom – The Custom plan allows you to structure your own package based on your needs and wants. The pricing is based on the features you choose.

All the plans have a 3-day free trial. View the PorpertyRadar pricing plan.

16. was established in 1992 and was later acquired by CoStar Group (CSGP) in 2014. It is a great real estate software for real estate agents packed with rental listings of over a million rental homes, including condos, flats, homes, and townhomes. 

Before a listing is added to the site, a professional research team is sent to inspect and assess each property. This assures buyers that they are getting exactly what is posted on the website. 

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The listings are very detailed. Providing pictures, 3D tours, floor plans, dates of availability, current rent discounts, and additional costs like parking or pet fees, if applicable. 

Some of the unique features of the software include the polygon feature and a commute planner. 

You can accurately search locations on a map, discover properties inside them, and search for areas using the site’s distinctive “Polygon” feature. The commute planner assists users in moving as near to their place of employment as possible.

17. Propertyware


Propertyware is a real estate software that offers a full range of tools to help landlords and property managers streamline daily operations. The program is made to make difficult jobs simpler and to enhance communication between landlords, tenants, and property managers

Propertyware is not free, however, it offers a range of pricing plans, which are designed to cater to the needs of property managers and landlords on all budgets. The pricing plans are based on the number of units managed, and prices start at $1 per unit per month.

Propertyware provides a comprehensive accounting and reporting system that helps users manage their finances and generate financial statements with ease. 

It also has a feature that allows tenants to make rent payments online through a secure portal. This feature allows property managers to receive payments faster and eliminates the need for manual payment processing.

Propertyware Pricing Plans

Propertyware software for real estate has three pricing plans. All the plans have varying features and prices.

Below are the names and pricing of the plans.

  1. Premium – The Premium plan costs $2 per unit for a month. It is the biggest plan and it has a total of 17 features.
  2. Plus – The Plus plan costs $1.5 per unit monthly. It has a total of 15 features.
  3. Basic – The Basic plan costs $1 monthly. It is the smallest plan and has a total of 8 features.

View the Propertyware pricing plan.

18. Re-Leased


Re-Leased is a cloud-based property management software designed to help property managers streamline their daily operations, reduce manual work and automate workflows. 

It is a real estate software that provides a single platform to manage all aspects of property management, from tenant and lease management to maintenance and accounting. 

Re-Leased is used by commercial property managers, portfolio managers, and property owners worldwide, enabling them to save time and money while improving the efficiency of their operations.

Re-Leased did not publicly disclose its pricing, but you can view it here.

19. RentPost


RentPost is a cloud-based property management software that allows property managers and landlords to automate their rental management activities. 

Users can manage their properties, tenants, and finances from this single platform. It saves time and streamlines the real estate processes. 

One of the benefits of this real estate software is rent collection. Rent payments can be collected online by property managers through credit cards, ACH transfers, and electronic checks.

By removing the need for in-person rent collection, this function not only saves time for property managers but also makes it easier for tenants to pay their rent. RentPost is one of the best software for real estate agents.

RentPost Pricing Plans

RentPost real estate software has various pricing plans, specifically, it has five plans. All the plans have varying features and prices.

Below are the names and pricing of the RentPost plans.

  1. Cobalt – The Cobalt plan costs $29 for a month. It is the smallest plan and it has a total of 20 features. Its document storage is 100MB.
  2. Aqua – The Aqua plan costs $59 monthly. It has all the features of the Cobalt plan and also a document storage of 3GB.
  3. Mint – The Mint plan costs $99 monthly. It has all the features of the Aqua plan and also a document storage of 6GB.
  1. Lime – The Lime pricing plan costs $169 every month. Unlike the Mint plan, it has a document storage of 10GB.
  2. Silver – The Silver plan is the costliest among all RentPost pricing plans. It costs a total of $249 monthly. It has a total of 22 features with a document storage of 20GB.

View the RentPost pricing plan.

20. Property Meld


Property Meld is property maintenance software that assists property managers in streamlining their maintenance procedures. It has several features including vendor management, communication tools, and tracking of maintenance requests.

Property Meld’s ability to streamline the maintenance request procedure is one of its main advantages. 

Tenants can quickly submit maintenance issues that are forwarded to the property manager through their website or mobile app. This eliminates the need for time-consuming phone calls and emails and it guarantees that requests are immediately and precisely documented.

Once a request is submitted, Property Meld’s workflow management tools automatically assign it to the appropriate vendor or contractor, based on factors such as the type of repair needed and the vendor’s availability. This helps property managers ensure that requests are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Property Meld has a very friendly pricing plan which is $1.6/unit on a monthly basis. You can freely add or remove features you don’t need. It is one of the best real estate agent software.

View the Property Meld pricing plan.

Conclusion On Real Estate Software

In conclusion, there are several real estate software that real estate professionals can utilize to reduce workload, save time and resources, and increase efficiency. 

With technology leading most industries, it is only expected that we use the platforms available to us to the highest potential. 

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