Why Semi-Detached Duplex Are The New Normal In Lagos


Nowadays, several house styles are available, each with unique characteristics to fit different needs. One such house style is the semi-detached duplex. Commonly seen in luxury estates within Lagos, its most popular location in Nigeria. This house style has several advantages, and value for your money is the first advantage of many.

The number of semi-detached duplexes in Lagos has increased in ratio compared to five or ten years ago. The number of people opting for semi-detached duplexes has also increased. Developers seeing this opportunity now build luxury estates that cater to this crowd.

This type of house seems to be springing up everywhere. Simply put; Semi-detached duplexes have come to stay! The best question to ask is; could it be the best option for me?

Buying a home either as a first-time home buyer or as an investor requires you to nitpick every detail. Which includes ensuring the house type suits your daily needs.

Also, being a real estate investor who appreciates having distinct assets in your portfolio, learning about different real estate investments can help keep your options open. And as an investor, this increases your chances of profit-making.

Semi-detached duplexes tick the right boxes when it comes to this regard.

In this article, I’ve gathered all you need to know about semi-detached duplexes in Lagos, the living conditions, what to avoid, and the best areas in Lagos to find one.

What is a Semi-Detached Duplex?


A semi-detached duplex, also called “Semi” is a single-family duplex dwelling that shares one common wall with the next house. It looks like two separate identical duplexes joined together but share a wall in-between. The semi-detached duplex is attached to only one house and the houses are joined side-by-side.

In Nigeria, most semi-detached duplexes have both a wall of separation and a fence to demarcate the different houses. This offers more privacy and discretion as each house has its private entrance, parking space, lawns, and gardens.

Semi-detached duplexes offer more privacy and space when compared to apartments and terraced duplexes.

It is generally more affordable than fully detached duplexes and has become increasingly popular in most parts of Lagos. Semi-detached duplexes usually have identical fonts, and heights and are designed to be mirror images of each other. The two identical houses are connected by an adjoining wall.

Who Should Consider It? 

It is common with those hoping to start a family and desire more space than what an apartment can afford. Families with young kids and teenagers are also typical proprietors.

Depending on your family size, budget, and personal taste. You can choose semi-detached duplexes of varying room numbers. 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms or more.

It can be a worthwhile choice in both urban areas and the suburbs as well.

5 Benefits Of Semi-Detached Duplexes

Semi-Detached Duplexes have a number of attractive qualities for buyers. Here are some of the reasons you should consider buying a semi-detached duplex.

  1. It is an income-producing property; Investors can buy a semi-detached duplex and put it up for annual or short-term rentals.
  2. A cost-effective option; The building costs are cheaper than fully detached duplexes but You tend to get almost the same thing for less. i.e Natural light on three sides of the building, private entrance, and parking.
  3. It is more spacious than apartments and terraces.
  4. Easy to sell and maintain.
  5. It offers more privacy when compared to apartments or terraces. 
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3 Demerits Of Semi-Detached Duplexes

The major downsides to buying a semi-detached duplex are:

  1. Noise from neighbours; This is why it’s important to buy buildings with thick walls, especially the shared wall in the semi-detached duplex. Also, ensure the house is built such that the bedrooms are on opposite sides of the building.
  2. If the neighbours make a permanent structural change, it could affect your own house. However, having an understanding with the owner of the other house is important as this limits scenarios like this.
  3. The downsides are considered fair by a lot of people who still go ahead to purchase one.

Is It A Smart Investment Choice?

You may wonder, why buy a semi-detached duplex when I can just buy a luxury apartment?

Well, here are some reasons why it is considered a smart investment choice.

For home buyers 

It is cheaper as the extra space can be converted into a home office.

A semi-detached duplex shares the benefit of having two floors (upstairs and downstairs). These offer the much-needed seclusion for one to work at home. 

You enjoy more privacy, reduced noise, and distracting movements than can be gotten from apartments, most especially when one is living with a sizable number of people. In essence, this enables you to save more.

Another common way to benefit from a semi-detached duplex is to buy two units of duplexes. You can live in one and rent out the other half. It is considered better because close proximity to your investments helps you attend to needs and urgent matters. What’s more, the separate compounds offer privacy to both the landlord and the tenant.  

For investors

In Nigeria, there is always a need for houses due to the ever-increasing population. A majority of the population is found in urban areas Lagos is the most populated city in Nigeria.

World-renowned experts dubbed the middle-class population the “center of economic activity” and the same can be said in Nigeria. The country’s middle class is where the majority of the buying power lies. 

They make up a large part of the population. Virtually every luxury estate in Nigeria has a section for semi-detached duplexes. This goes on to show the preference for this house. This makes the venture rife for investment as you are sure to always have a ready client base. 

Semi-detached duplexes can be used for short-term rentals (short lets). You can earn rental income by buying a well-maintained estate and renting it out for a couple of years. 

Capital Appreciation is another way to benefit from owning a semi-detached duplex. You buy an investment property, rent it out for a couple of years and then sell it off at a profit.

10 Factors to Look Out For Before Buying


There are countless people who opt for this house type, which is good. However, there are factors to consider before buying such types of house

  1. Check for structural defects like cracked walls, leaning walls, and leaking or busted pipes.
  2. Check the surroundings of the house for clogged gutters or soakaways that can be breeding grounds for mosquitos or reptiles.
  3. Verify how thick the wall separating the two houses is.
  4. Ensure the roofing style is wide enough to avoid direct rainfall into the house.
  5. Verify all documents on the house.
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  1. Ensure the area is not a flood zone. Also, verify that it isn’t built on a waterway as this makes the house prone to floods.
  2. Confirm the other promised facilities on the house. It is best to buy a semi-detached with a demarcating fence. This offers more privacy to individual homeowners.
  3. Check for electricity connections and wiring.
  4. If buying from a developer, buy from a reputable one.  Ensure to ask for past developments to verify the quality of the materials used. This is because some developers use low-quality materials to build houses. 
  5. Test the water pressure by turning on the taps to see how well the water flows. Also, ensure there is clean running water in the house.

Best Places To Buy A Semi-Detached Duplex In Lagos With Their Price Range


1. Victoria Island 

This is a highbrow area in Lagos Nigeria which houses the majority of the top guns in society.

Several estates within Victoria Island like Dideolu and Oniru estates offer luxury semi-detached houses for high-income earners. This area boasts of good infrastructure, access to amenities, and exclusive neighhourhoods. 

2. Lekki Phase 1 

A perfect start-up for anyone looking to create roots in a place!

Create beautiful memories with your family in a semi-detached neighbourhood. Estates like: Victoria Crest Estate in Orchid Lekki, Nicon Town in Ikate Lekki boast of this. From Lekki Phase 1 down to Ikate, these areas share similar characteristics.

3. Ikate 

In areas like Ikate, the cost of an apartment is relatively the same as a terrace or semi-detached home in Chevron. Just a few minutes drive away.

4. Chevron 

Lekki’s Chevron district is located between Igbo-Efon and VGC. It takes roughly 20 minutes to drive to Victoria Island during off-peak hours and 45 minutes during peak hours (6:30 am – 8:30 am). There are several high-end residential serviced estates in the neighbourhood, with high property values.

Other top-notch areas include; VGC, Ajah, Ikeja, Magodo Phase 1, Festac Town, and Yaba Lagos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the land in a semi-detached duplex sold separately?

No, it is not

Is it noisy living in a semi-detached house? 

Adjoining walls are thicker and more soundproof. However, you have to confirm this when you pay a physical visit to the house/property.

Due to recent semi-detached duplex designs in Lagos. Yes, you can!

What should one consider before building a semi-detached duplex?

To build your own semi-detached duplex you must consider these: 
i. Cost of labour where you live 
ii. Cost and quality of raw materials 
iii. Your desired square footing

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