Reliable Extensive Review of Victoria Island, Lagos


Driving through Victoria Island, Lagos is always an appealing sight. From the posh neighbourhoods, astonishing architectural designs, well-trimmed lawns, and the vast number of luxury cars seen on the road. 

Then having one of the largest expatriate presences in Nigeria shows a clear difference between this location and the rest of Lagos.

Have you ever wondered what makes Victoria Island special? A sneak peek at this neighbourhood tells all you need to know.

Victoria Island is the Epicenter of business activities in Nigeria. Often counted amongst the most affluent neighbourhoods to live in Nigeria. Located in Lagos, the largest commercial and industrial hub of Nigeria with a GNP triple that of any West African state. Victoria Island houses a vast amount of high net-worth individuals per square meter in the country. 

Victoria Island is Exclusively for the rich, most of which are the heads of Industries in the private sector, Oil and gas CEOs, Industry titans, Expatriates, Government Officials, and Business moguls.



Enveloped by other affluent areas, Lagos Island, Ikoyi, and the Lekki Peninsula by the Lagos Lagoon. Victoria Island is located in the Eti-Osa Local government area of Lagos state. 

Victoria Island is the main Financial Center and Business center of Lagos State, Nigeria.

This has led to major international and Nigerian operations headquartered on the Island, leading to a high level of foreign activities. 

This fact is attributed to it being the home of Dodan Barracks, the former seat of power of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Before the Federal Capital Territory was moved to Abuja, Lagos was the capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (FCT), and its seat of power was centered on Victoria Island in Lagos (1914–1991). Government activities and national services stayed in Lagos as a result of Abuja’s new FCT still being built (read more).

Diplomatic Hub

Victoria Island hosts most of the diplomatic presence in Nigeria. Most of which were former embassies to Nigeria before the move of the capital to Abuja. 

The new consulates, i.e., embassy branch offices, on Victoria Island, are for South Africa,  Benin, Brazil, Switzerland, the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Russia, Indonesia, Lebanon, Italy, China, India, Germany, and Canada.

Lagos Foreign Schools

Prominent schools that rank top best with international standards that compete with their international peers; 

  • British International School Lagos, 
  • American International School of Lagos, 
  • Lycée Français Louis Pasteur de Lagos
  • Corona Schools 

Everyone in Nigeria should have heard of these schools. These are the schools that top government officials and business magnates send their kids to in Nigeria. A rich blend of British, American, and Nigerian Curriculum 

Other notable schools in the area 

Features/ Benefits

  • High Social Status 
  • Economic Opportunities 
  • Nearness to Amenities 
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Natural Beauty 
  • Serenity
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Posh, Exclusive, Affluent, Wealth, and Old-money are neuters used to describe Victoria Island Lagos. If you are looking to stay, live, and mingle with the super-rich. This is definitely a place to consider. Other areas are Ikoyi, Lekki Phase One and Ikate-Lekki

Notable Landmarks


Most of these landmarks in Victoria Island are the favourite hangouts of the super-rich. Often spotted with their discrete tan shorts or joggers and Ralph Lauren tees. Seen walking to their latest BMWs, Ferraris, and Porsche cars.

Civic Towers 

Host office spaces for companies like Deloitte, Microsoft, and Zenith Bank affiliates. These are some of the prominent businesses found there.

Civic Center

An event center to hold lectures and major events. There is a Yacht Club and also a Helipad to book helicopters. Luxury yachts are seen lining the Lagos Lagoon beside the civic tower.

1004 Estate 

This 11-hectare housing estate was originally built as a luxurious residence for families of Senators and Members of the House of Reps. Subsequently occupied by Senior Civil Servants after the move of the FCT. It was later sold off to private property developers. It is the largest single luxury high-rise estate in Sub-Saharan Africa.

5-Star Hotels and Lounges 

  • Eko Hotel and Suites 
  • Intercontinental Hotel 
  • Transcorp Hilton Hotel
  • Lagos Continental Hotel

Other High-end Hotels on Victoria Island are

  • Oriental Hotel
  • Federal palace hotel 
  • Four Points by Sheraton
  • Radisson blu Anchorage Hotel 
  • Le Meridien Eko Hotel. 
  • Ocean View Hotel 
  • Lagos Continental


  1. Landmark Beach; is an in-premier private beach, it offers kayaking, boat rides, quad bikes horse riding, beach Paintball, beach volleyball, Jet Skiing, and a beautiful view of the ocean. A location favourite for many of the city’s ex-pats. The vibrant nightlife scene on the beach. Home to the popular Hard Rock Cafe and Shiro Restaurant.
  2. Moist Beach Club Oniru; One of Lagos-best-kept-secrets until now. If you’ve wondered where the big personalities in Lagos hang out, the moist beach is the new tourist attraction in Lagos. A private beach that offers exclusivity and privacy. Pool bar, beach restaurant, lounge, nightclub, and beach club.
  1. Oniru Beach; One of the most popular beaches owned by the Oniru family. Enjoy walks around the cool ocean breeze, and horse rides, perfect for picnics and parties. 
  1. Bar Beach; One of the oldest beaches in Nigeria. A Public beach that offers horse rides, Ferris wheel rides, and restaurants line the beach. 


  1. Silverbird Cinema

They boast of West Africa’s first 12-screen multiplex Cinema.

  1. Filmhouse 

A popular Cinema that boasts a multiplex Cinema with MX4D theater.


  1. Red Door Gallery 

art enthusiasts would love this! A privately owned gallery that displays contemporary African art. Most of which are abstract and not in collections.

  1. Didi Museum 

For history lovers! Didi Museum has jaw-dropping artworks that make you come alive. They have beautiful art pieces at affordable prices.


  • Century 24 where Mega-Plaza is located
  • The Palms Shopping Mall 
  • Siverbird Galleria 
  • SPAR

Upscale Restaurants 

  • Cactus 
  • Hard Rock Cafe 
  • Shiro Restaurant (Japanese dishes and seafood)
  • Z Kitchen 
  • The Lagoon Restaurant 
  • ZaZa Lagos 
  • Slice Lagos 
  • Cilantro 
  • Vertigo

High-End Luxury Shops

Victoria Island is a luxury good thriving zone. Take a drive around the exclusive V.I. neighbourhood where luxury brands like Porsche, Hugo Boss, and Ermenegildo Zegna line the streets.

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Exclusive Bars And Clubs 

Different bars and clubs in Victoria Island, Lagos have different flavours. Enjoy disco or soft music, experience live bands, Karaoke, and upbeat or trendy music.

Examples of some popular nightclubs and bars are

  • Shaunz karaoke bar 
  • Cubana 
  • Quilox 
  • Othello’s 

Parks And Games Arenas 

  • Muri Okunola Park 

Location Highlights


You get to experience luxury in its 5-Star hotel lounges, and Posh restaurants that serve the finest European cuisine, and Nigerian staples for all palettes. You can enjoy exotic dishes from around the world, including Japanese, Italian, Indian, Chinese and Mediterranean dishes. 

All competing with various architectural designs and exclusive menus. You get to enjoy Full-on American menus with a variety of cocktails, wines, and beer.

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Experience a taste of culture along with style. Art galleries, Terra culture arts centers, and shows. Victoria Island, Lagos is where the action is! The one location for International shows and events and are sure to catch a glimpse of top artists/ dignitaries who are hosted.

Taking a walk around the neighbourhood, you are sure to see bookshops, upscale nightclubs, and luxury boutique outlets. Indie bookshops dot the street, as do boutiques like Poosh, and Temple Muse, where fashion options from high-end brands like Alexander Wang and Givenchy are sold, and Polo Limited where you find luxury watches, jewelry, leather goods, and pens.

Real Estate 

The favourite spots for foreigners and Nigerians to live. The area has the highest demand for Upscale Apartments, Condos, and houses.

Victoria Island is a prime real estate location with some of the best luxury estates. This is one of the most expensive places to live in.

Real estate owners raise prices from time to time to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for properties.

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Price range In this neighbourhood; A 4-bedroom Apartment could cost up to N25 Million yearly rent. In Estates like Dideolu and Oniru Estate,  houses for sale range from $500k to $800k


A piece of land is sold for $1,100 per sqm 


3 bedroom/4 bedroom/apartment costs between $65k to $85k


6-bedroom detached houses cost $2.7 million to $2 million for sale, sitting on 2,600 square meters.

Oniru Estate, Victoria Island

  • 10 Million for rent 
  • 280 Million for sale 
  • $15,000-$40,000
  • 4-bedroom terrace duplex

Who Should Live Here

High-Income families due to the high cost of houses in this area.


The security within Victoria Island is tight. Mostly due to the presence of bank headquarters and other commercial activities that provide their security. Although individual estates also have their own armed and uniformed security.


Victoria Island Lagos boasts good road networks. With tarred access roads within and outside its estates.


The drainage system in Victoria Island is good. Except in cases of continuous rainfall or ocean surges, Victoria Island is a flood-free zone.


  • Oniru estate 
  • Dideolu Estate 
  • 1004 Estate 
  • LSDPC Estate

Frequently Asked Questions About Victoria Island Lagos 

Is Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria a true island?

Victoria Island was initially surrounded by just water. It was bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the south, fringed on the mouth of the Lagos lagoon on the west, the Five Cowrie Creek to the North, and the Swamps on the East. The colonial government began the process of Sand Filling the eastern swamps to reduce mosquito breeding areas. This created a land bridge between Victoria Island and Lekki Peninsula. This ended its existence as a true island.  

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Is Victoria Island one of the Finest places in Lagos, Nigeria?

Victoria Island has some of the most beautiful beaches in Nigeria, luxury buildings with astonishing architectural designs, resorts, and upscale restaurants.

Where do the rich live in Lagos?

Victoria Island and Ikoyi are the two wealthiest neighbourhoods to live in Lagos, only accessed by the who-is-who of society.

 Where Do Expats Live In Lagos

V.I. has a growing number of ex-pat communities many from the oil and gas industry who report a high quality of life, and access to luxuries not enjoyed at home. 1004 housing estate in Victoria Island is the most popular residence for ex-pats in Lagos.

Is Victoria Island a good place to live?

Yes, it is! If your definition of a “good place” is tight security, luxury residential estates, access to amenities, international standard Schools, and affluent neighbours.

Final Thoughts on Victoria Island, Lagos

Victoria remains a prominent neighbourhood in Lagos, Nigeria. It should definitely be on your “must-see” list when visiting Lagos. Realty Nub is an all-informative blog on real estate. To remain up-to-date on news about real estate in Nigeria, keep coming back here.